Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Auction Take Two

We are having an auction again!! We are SO close to $70,000 raised for this fundraiser and we really want to make it to that point! Below are eleven signed photots from both the Twilight Saga and Supernatural. I think there was a little confusion last time as to what this auction was for. It is not an auction for the stories. It is an auction for the autographed photos that you see below. It is slightly confusing but let us break it down for you:

Let's say you want the signed photo of Justin Chon, Anna Kendrick and Michael Welch. You will go to the comment section of this post and say how much you are bidding on it (Let's say $10) and which one you are bidding on. So you watch your item and July 1st comes around and lucky you, no one has bid on that item yet! Making you the winner of the photo. You then go to the Red Cross website (Or your fundraiser helping to support the victims of the Tsunami) and donate the amount you said you would bid on that item ($10 in this case). You then forward us your receipt, along with your mailing address and we will send you both the signed photo AND the compilation. It is a way to get the compilation but you are getting an autographed photo as well. AGAIN. YOU ARE NOT BIDDING ON THE COMPILATION!

Auction Information

1. This “auction” is basically a way of donating. To bid on an item, please add the amount you will be willing to donate in the comment section of our post (PLEASE do not email us the amount you will be bidding—only email us if you have any questions). We will be keeping track of the bid from start to finish.

2. When bidding, please specify which item you are bidding on

3. At the end of the bidding, whoever has agreed to donate the most, is the winner.

4. The winner of the item will then go to the Red Cross’s website and donate through their Tsunami fund.

5. Once you have donated send us your receipt as proof of your donation to fandom4tsunami@gmail.com     

6. In your email with the forwarded receipt, please include your mailing address that you would like your item sent to.

7. Bidding starts June 23rd and end July 1st.
8. Please provide proof of donation within three days.

Justin Cho signed photo with Anna Kendrick and Michael Welch

 Signed Photo of Daniel Cudmore (Signed during the filming of New Moon in Montepulciano, Italy)

Signed Photo of Alex Meraz including Taylor Lautner, Chaske Spencer, Kiowa Gordon, Bronson Pellettier

Both Kiowa and Boo-Boo were donated by @IAm_ECHELON They have COA with them!

 Donated byThe Hillywood Show
 Donated byThe Hillywood Show

Donated by Creationent - certificate of authenticity included
 Donated by Creationent - certificate of authenticity included

 Donated by Creationent - certificate of authenticity included

 Donated by Creationent - certificate of authenticity included

 Donated by Creationent - certificate of authenticity included

 Donated by Creationent - certificate of authenticity included

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