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Teaser from: A Fragile Line

Before I have time to contemplate what this means, Damon is standing next to me. With a small start, I look up at him in surprise. His eyes narrow slightly, a cautious questioning peeking out from behind his usual cool façade. I've turned him away so vehemently, feigned disinterest so often, that he's begun to believe me.

Tilting my head up, my eyes meet his for a moment before I lower them shyly. It's hard for me to look into his eyes for any length of time, and I'm a little afraid to know what that means. Lifting my hand to his shoulder, my eyes follow my index finger as I run it along the arm of his soft gray sweater, feeling the muscles tense beneath my touch. My finger slides all the way down until it glides over the smooth skin of his hand and curls around two of his own.

I slide my other hand around his waist, and he looks down at me in surprise, although his arm instinctively wraps around my back firmly, holding me close to him.

What are you doing, Elena?” he whispers, cocking his head slightly to the left.

Flirting with you. Is that all right?” I ask casually.

I'm not sure who makes the first move, but our lips meet softly, and a thrill flares in my chest even as desire blooms between my legs. His lips are warm and firm against mine, but he pulls back suddenly, releasing me and stepping back.

Shaking his head, he mutters, “No, no, no. Uh-uh.”

I miss his touch as soon as it's gone, the feel of his lips on mine. I know he wants me, so I don't understand why he's pulling away. “What's wrong, Damon?”

He half turns away from me with a heavy sigh. The lights cast his face in shadow, and it's hard to read his expression. He seems to be debating something before turning to grab me by the shoulders. His fingers bite into my tender skin, but I remain unflinching.

Elena... what are you doing here? Surely you know how I feel, so why must you torment me?”

Because, Damon, I'm tired! Tired of fighting it—tired of fighting you.” My voice rises, and I reach up to wrap my hands around his arms.



"Beautiful Disaster"
by: DreamsOfEdward1


Standing in the doorway behind him, I am mesmerized at the sight before me. The
moonlight filtering in through the window casts a glow over him sitting at his piano.
Every part of his body moved in motion to the beautiful music that filled the room. His
long slender fingers danced across the piano keys with very little effort at all, and he is so
lost in the melody nothing else exists around him.

I am frozen where I stand in such awe of his ability, that I don't even realize the music
has stopped when I am pulled from my daze by the sound of his voice.

"Jasper, come here." he whispers, patting the seat next to him.

With the very sound of his voice, I am instantly drawn to him. My body has no choice but
to comply. Sitting down beside him, I look over into those amazing green eyes, seeing
nothing but acceptance and longing. I reach over, running my hand down his cheek. He
leans into it, showing me how much he is enjoying this moment. He reaches up taking my
hand in his and turns so that his body is facing me now. He lets go of my hand and wraps
both arms around me pulling me to him.



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The Yurimagua tribe list “Seven Perils of the Amazon” but for Kachiri, as a human and a vampire, there is an eighth that is far more dangerous:  love.

I swam underwater like a mermaid until the Rio Negro flowed alongside the Amazon.  I had seen it a thousand times but always stopped to ponder how the two rivers flowed together for 60 miles, tan and black -- one ever flowing and one full of rot -- never mixing; parallel paths like humans and vampires.  Or how it should be.  I wouldn't mind seeing Joham for once.  I would delight in ripping his limbs off again.

My pleasant reverie was suddenly interrupted by the sound of thrashing in the river ahead.  I could hear the scales of the anaconda curling and scraping across metal.  There were the low groans of a man accompanied by the delighted squeals of a woman from the canopy above the banks.  Apart from this odd mixture of sounds was complete silence: not a croak, a screech or a buzz.

I floated closer to the bank and sculled silently around the bend.  I could smell the vampires --sweet jasmine and fragrant moss -- before I saw him.  Standing in the shallows was a tall male with wavy blonde hair.  His glittering bare chest and arms were covered in crescent-shaped scars.

“Where did it go?”  His English was hard for me to understand.  It had a long drawl, like the men who had traveled with Roosevelt.  He was an American warrior, then. I edged further into the shadows.

“You wanted to wrestle an anaconda.  You’re on your own," giggled the female perched up in the guamo. "You wouldn’t want me to tell Emmett that you needed my help, would you?”

“No, ma’am.”

Official summary for Splintered Door:
Bella "Ice" Swan leads a life of luxury and loneliness.  Strong and independent, sexy shoes, avoiding romantic entanglements. What happens when she meets her match in the form of dripping sex on legs, PR hotshot, Edward Cullen? There is something between them, but there is no telling how far back the seed of desire goes. Sometimes, one soul has enough power to open the door formed around a broken heart.  All you need is a splinter to make it through.

"Look we obviously are going to have to work together on this project. We are here for a week, and then it will be many more months until this project sees completion. So can we quit the games? I am not interested in your sexual expertise, and I would like to just remain professional. Do you think that would be possible Mr. Se… Cullen?" Damn, he has my mind fuzzy again and I almost slipped up.
"Professional. Absolutely. How about dinner?"
"I don't think that is a good idea."
"Why? Would it tempt you too much? Curious about my sexual expertise are you?" He wields the dangerous smile again.
"Okay… That is exactly what I am talking about. Just forget it. I'm tired. Thank you for your offer, but I am going to turn in early." I need to get away from him, he smells amazing, his smile is too distracting, and I can't stop looking into his eyes.
"In Vegas?"
"Really… You're going to sleep?" He flashes his look again.
"Good evening Mr. Cullen. Enjoy your night."
"Oh I will. Enjoy your rest." His voice is thick and warm. I want to wrap myself inside and bathe in it.

~ Edward Masen

“I just miss him, Rose…,” I sighed again as I closed the balcony sliding

door. “He promised me to be here today.” I was whining, I knew that, but I didn’t

care anymore at this point.

“I’m sure he’s on his way, Edward.” Rosalie tried to reassure me, again.

“But that’s the thing, Rose!” I yelled and lost my composure at her words, “You

would have thought he would send me his flight confirmation or something! I

haven’t heard from him for two weeks, TWO WEEKS!”

It was December 31st and there was still no word from him. No email, phone

call, text message, not even a freaking messenger dove! I was getting anxious

and scared that something might have happened to him and here I was, with no

way to contact him whatsoever. I was going insane from the silence and I kept

having nightmares of what could have possibly happened to him over there. I

was just tired, scared, and lonely. I just wanted him back and safe in my arms. I

had even thought of going down there to look for him, but thankfully Rosalie and

my sister Kate talked me out of it. They both told me to wait till New Year before

I did anything rash. I told them my deadline would be January 1st at six o’clock

in the morning; the second flight out to Ecuador was scheduled at eight o’clock.

~ Carlisle Cullen

I groaned at her question, but picked up my pace when I saw the condo. “I’m

here! Can I talk to Edward, please?” I had noticed the lights were off, so he

must be with Rosalie, if not, I might have to call his sister Kate, or maybe Alice.

“Here? Like, in New York City?”

“Jesus Christ, yes, Rosalie!”

“Oh Carlisle! About fucking time you got your ass in here, I’m gonna slap you
silly and kick you in the nuts for making me worry so much. What the hell have
you been doing all this time? Do you have any idea what we all went through
without hearing from you for two weeks! Two fucking weeks! I mean, you could

have contacted us somehow, you ungrateful…”

I let Rosalie ramble on about what a selfish asshole I was as I ran upstairs to

the apartment. I let myself in and dropped my bag just inside the threshold. The

first thing I did was charge my phone, when I noticed Edward’s album on top of

the coffee table, and fuck if that didn’t make me feel like shit. He was probably

going through those pictures and thinking I was not gonna be here tonight.

Dammit! I need to see him.

Why the fuck nobody is telling me about Edward?!


Some Like it Taut: Teaser

By: Bella’s Executioner

We raced through the hotel lobby, sprinting across the lawn, and sounding like

a herd of buffalo as we hit the steps of the dock. He was waiting for us in his

motorboat, just like he promised he would be. My heart skipped a beat as our

eyes met.

Damn it, Edward. I thought, shaking myself mentally. You’re a man!

My high heel skidded on the last step and I tumbled into the boat, face-first into

Carlisle’s lap. I tried to lift myself up as delicately as possible only to have my

face shoved into Carlisle’s crotch a second time when Emmett and Rose joined

us in the boat.

“Take off! Go! Go!” Em was shouting. Carlisle gunned the motor and we were

suddenly flying away from the coast, sailing safely to his yacht.

I turned back in time to see the Volturi gang throwing less-than-gentlemanly hand

signals in our direction. We were out of the range of bullets and that’s all that

mattered. My eyes glanced briefly at the overly sentimental show of affection that

was Emmett’s tongue down Rose’s throat. Frowning forlornly, I shifted in my seat

to face forward and shared a nervous smile with Carlisle.

Now for the hard part.

“I’m so happy that we’re running away together, Edwina!” he announced in that

same exuberant excitement that he’d expressed last night on our date.

My smile was an awkward jumble of lips and peeking teeth as I tried to find the

right words to let him down easy.

For the hundredth time since Carlisle proposed to me, twelve hours earlier, I tried

to remind myself how I had gotten into this position.

Title: Reflections of Regrets
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: M

I manage to collect myself as the funeral service starts and people settle into their seats. Billy stays beside me, despite people staring at his wheel chair being parked in the main aisle. I'm about to start screaming at them, when Edward appears in front of us, leaning over to offer his hand to Billy. 

“Mr. Black, it's a pleasure to see you again,” Edward says, as they shake hands.

His smile is the same, so beautiful, and open, even after all these years. It makes me want to cry, but I just turn my head while they exchange pleasantries. I only need to keep breathing, to hold myself together until this is all over. Then I can get drunk and forget about everything.

“Bella,” Edward's voice is like a magnet, drawing my attention back to his face. 

He looks like he wants to say something, but he just stares at me with his lips pressed together in a frown. His hand hovers in front of my face for a few minutes before I realize that he wants me to shake it. I can't bring myself to do anything other than stare at his long fingers and remember how they felt on my skin. The memory flashes in my mind, of Edward's face so close that I could only really focus on his eyes, while his fingers slid inside of me. His panting breath and way his whole body seemed to tremble when he described how it felt to touch me. 

I shake my head to rid myself of the image, and he took it as a dismissal, turning away to walk up to the podium. He takes his position, pressing his palms to the wood of the podium, and wrapping his fingers over the edge. I wonder if he looks this regal when he gives the Sunday sermons. 


Author:  Leelan Oleander
Rating: M
Betas:  Katmom & Minnakoda
Banner designed by Alice Sunshine Sweetcheeks (SweetPoeticJustice)
Song used: Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Synopsis:  This is a futuretake from Around the Bend.  It’s Prom Night for our favourite little guy, who isn’t so little anymore.  Let’s follow him as he goes through a rite of passage...or two...  

“Just prom?  Don’t let your Aunt Alice hear that.  Son,” he changed his voice to sound more authoritarian, “prom is a very important milestone in every teenager’s life...”

Oh good lord, am I about to get the talk again?

“I know we’ve discussed how babies are made, and you got the anatomical reproduction speech from Poppa, but prom is...well...”

I shook my head.  “Daaaad, please don’t do this to me.  I’ve already had one panic attack today, I don’t know if I can handle a second one.”

“Look,” he paused to raise his hands in mock surrender, “I’m not saying don’t do it, because that would make me a grade A hypocrite, but be careful, okay?  She’s a good girl, a special girl, and you don’t want to hurt her, do you?  Remember what Bella told you about a girl’s first time?”

My cheeks began burning as I thought back to that discussion.  “Yes, Dad, I do.  I remember what each and every member of this wonderfully twisted and sexually liberated family has told me about the subject, and I’m happy to report that I have condoms; LOTS of condoms, since pretty much everyone has been giving them to me in case...” I said, sighing, “...but I don’t think anything’s going to happen, Dad.  I’ll be lucky to get through tonight without having a nervous breakdown—I don’t need the added stress of sex.”


“I’m pregnant,” her voice echoes Through my head. The bright light of the mid-day sun flashes across my eyes and a young, pale skinned brunette girl is running across a soft green field. She looks back at me and giggles; I’m not quite sure who she is. Her beautiful chestnut hair flows in the air as she sprints away from me.  I have an overwhelming desire to run after her. So I chase her. As I’m running her nimble legs pull her faster and farther away from me. All the while she keeps giggling.
The more I chase her the more I realize that her pale body is changing. Evolving, shifting to better accommodate her growing belly. I run faster and faster after her, trying my hardest to identify the young woman. When suddenly the giggling stops and a heart wrenching cry echoes trough the field. Momentarily I lose sight of the pale woman but I keep running.
I run and run until I see the girl’s limp form facing away from me and lying on the grass. She is cradling her belly. Cautiously I approach the unknown female. I gasp in horror as I see that she is now bleeding from her vagina. The bleeding is so profuse that it is quite obvious she is miscarrying her child. I run to try and help her when she says, “No, Jazz.” Her face is still hidden but her voice is absolutely angelic. “You didn’t want our baby. I did what needed to be done.” The girl giggles and turns her head to look at me and I am faced with the one person that I will always regret hurting.

My eyes snap open as I am jerked awake. I look over to see Maria still sleeping soundly and unconsciously cradling her flat tummy. Tears flow freely for the rest of the night as lay in bed thinking about my misdeeds.


Fandom4Tsunami Outtake
Author:  les16
Story:  The Greatest Gift – Emma and Jack Outtake
Rating: M – for language

"Uncle Ebbard!" Emma squealed when she looked up and saw him.

Edward broke out into a huge smile and instantly thought of how sad he would be when Emma finally learned how to say her 'w's'. Really, really sad actually.

"There's my pretty girl," he laughed when she threw herself at him and he scooped her up in his arms as per usual.

"I gets to spend the nights wif you," she told him in that breathy, hyper voice that only little kids used.

He kissed her on the forehead and then gave her an Eskimo kiss, which of course resulted in the sweetest giggle, before he said, "I know! I'm so excited. I've been looking forward to this all week."

And he had, too.


"Uncle Edward, what about this one?" Jack asked a short time later as he stood in front of what had to be the ugliest, most deformed-looking pumpkin Edward had ever seen in his life.

" is just..." Edward tried to be diplomatic, but was having the hardest damn time coming up with anything nice to say about the monstrosity.

"I say we get it and bring it home to show Dad," Jack said with a smirk and he reminded Edward so much of Emmett it was scary.

Edward threw his head back and laughed before he nodded his head in agreement. "He's going to flip when he sees this," he told Jack a few minutes later as they walked to the car to put up their pumpkins.


"What are you thinking about, love?" he bent down and whispered in Isabella's ear when he saw a dreamy, sweet smile on her face. 

She snuggled closer to him, forgetting for a moment that they weren't alone and said, "How nice this is, and how I can't wait until we get to do this as Mom and Dad and not Aunt Bella and Uncle Edward." 

"Ah, my sweet girl, it'll come. We just have to be patient," he told her, hoping beyond hope he wasn't making promises he couldn't keep.



Title: La Morte Nera
“Hello,” he murmured politely.

She stared at him wordlessly, her heart beating fast.

“Did you sleep well?” He made no move to come any closer, choosing instead to cross his arms over his chest and lean against the wall. He left the door standing open.

Bella realized he was trying to put her at ease. It didn’t help… much. “I…” she cleared her throat and settled for nodding.

“Do you remember anything?”

She hesitated a moment and then nodded again, more slowly this time. Whichever of the three this man was, gentle caution didn’t seem natural on him.

Even talking softly and standing completely still, he seemed somehow more dangerous than any other man her age would have even looming. A vibe that shouted danger surrounded him, not threatening perhaps, but there just the same. She had the feeling that was perfectly normal for him. He was the predator. Never prey.

Edward. The name floated up from the murky depths of her mind. He had to be Edward. Oh yes, she remembered him. Bossy and commanding. And…

“You’re Volturi.” The words slipped out as soon as realization dawned. She took an involuntary step back and then stopped herself.

She didn’t know much about the Volturi, but she knew enough. They policed the very races they helped hide from the world. They were fierce, loyal… and more deadly than any of the other vampires out there.

The man shook his head in denial. “You’re mistaken.”

“I’m not.” Bella lifted her chin stubbornly. “You and the others are Volturi… that’s how you knew where the…” she couldn’t bring herself to form the rest of that sentence. Not with Jake’s memory so close.

“You’re mistaken,” Edward murmured again.

“Then what are you?”

“A man.” He pushed off from the wall and walking toward her, arms still crossed across his chest.

She began retreating immediately; not trusting him. “You’re not human.” She curled her hands into her sides to keep them from shaking.

“I am,” Edward argued softly, “more or less.”

“Let’s talk about the less then.” A part of her brain warned her that she was being foolish, goading him so recklessly, but she couldn’t quite stop herself either.

He stared at her for a long moment before shrugging a shoulder. “Vampire, then. Does that help?”

“Vampire?” Bella’s heart sped up at his confirmation. “You’re… they…” she swallowed hard, remembering another vampire. Ruby red eyes and deadly intent. She pushed that memory away quickly, fighting for calm. “The things chasing me-“

“Were shapeshifters,” Edward broke in before she could finish. “Infected.”

“Infected?” The question was a pitiful squeak. Bella didn’t care. They really had been shifters.
Oh lord, what had happened to them? 


Relieving the Tension teaser
by TearyJewelEyes [@TearyJewelEyes on twitter]
Banner by vbfb1 [@vbfb19 on twitter]
Pairing: Bella/Carlisle AH.
Rating: M/NC-17 [depending on the site]
Summary: Things have been tense between Bella and Carlisle, and she doesn't know why. She never expected to see this particular side of him...
I do not want to hear a sound, Isabella.” Hearing my full name slipping from his lips caused a shiver to run through my body. I nodded as I bit my lip, my eyes hooded as I watched Carlisle settle between my legs, a devious smirk on his face, before his lips gently brushed over my aching core.
Keeping my lips tight shut, so I would not disobey Carlisle, I tugged at the bindings on my wrists. Although they were not tight to my skin, they held me in place, with no room for my hands slipping. A defeatist sigh falling from my lips, I slacken my arms as my eyes remain trained on Carlisle, holding back the gasp as he quickly thrust two fingers deep into me, his lips and tongue working over my clit in ways that made tingles shoot through my body.
My hips bucked into his face, before I felt the pressure of his hand on my lower stomach holding me down. “Now, now, Isabella. Control yourself.”

Title: All I Ever Wanted by Eternally Addicted

Summary: Bella becomes a police officer against Charlies wishes. What happens when he discovers this and when he finds out that she is dating Edward after Charlie, who is the Captain of her precinct, has forbidden all the male officers in their precinct from dating her.

Banner by : Noelle_Seven

Rating:  M

Pairing: Edward and Bella

Here is the teaser and the banner is attached.

We all stood in crisp military formation with our backs ramrod straight and our white gloved hands clasped firmly to our sides. I hated the fact that I was only a mere five foot four inches tall, which forced me to be placed in the front row. It made me feel like everyone’s eyes were on me, which to a degree I guess they were. I was after all the captain’s daughter.

However being in the front row did have one advantage. I could watch him. Edward. I had never seen Edward in his dress uniform before today. He stood directly across from me in all of his six foot plus glory, so completely unaware of what seeing him in his dress uniform did to me. Then again maybe he did know, because I could see him fighting a smile by the way the corners of his lips were threatening to turn upwards. I could now see why my mother had always been so fond of seeing my father in his dress blues on special occasions.

Everything about the uniform made Edward completely mouthwatering. Everything that is except for his hat; it hid his gorgeous hair. His always messy copper tinged mop, that I often found my fingers toying with whenever we were alone together.  The rest of the uniform though, from the flawlessly polished tips of his black leather dress shoes, to the perfectly pressed crease of his navy blue trousers that traveled along his lean muscular legs, past the shiny brass buttons of his dress jacket. My gaze wandered across his body. There were a few department patches, his brass nametag along with his Sergeant stripes on his sleeves. From there my eyes traveled to his badge which was on the left side of his chest, then the starched white collar of his shirt and the neatly knotted tie that fit snugly around the sun kissed skin of his neck. Yes I knew those details about him. I had seen his golden tanned skin and his perfectly sculpted legs many times throughout my training.  Tonight I hoped I would see all of him.   

 By Agoodwitch
Banner by @candikissess

“OW!”  I screamed before letting a “fuck” fall from my lips as I hit the wall. 

Edward ducked his head out of the bedroom and then called out into the hallway.  “Jeremy, you can’t leave your toys around, you know how mommy always trips over them.”

I looked up to see a near blank expression on his face.  In the beginning, a comment like that would have been accompanied by a wicked, crooked smile, his eyes dancing with mischief, but not now.  Twenty-one years together had stripped away the people we had been in high school.  Work, kids, friends…they filled our time and now we simply existed together. 

Okay, that may be a little harsh.  We had simply become a vanilla couple, having sex only a few times a month, but there were people who had it much worse.

I collected myself off the floor and continued downstairs as my son flew by me, a quick, “Sorry, mom,” as he went.

Making it to the kitchen, our eldest daughter, Carlie sat with our youngest on her lap.  She cooed to her with a bright smile.  “Jenny, look mommy’s gonna get your lunch packed while I get you ready for school!”  The enthusiasm in her voice warmed my heart.  I had been nervous when I found out I was pregnant with her halfway through my junior year, but Edward had promised everything would be okay, so I took a Fall semester off as I was highly pregnant and wouldn’t be able to make it through to finals before she was born.  I never went back.

That was why I was pushing college on Carlie so hard, I wanted her to have a whole slew of options no matter what came at her; she needed to be prepared.

I had just finished making lunch for the kids and began fixing Edward’s when I heard him come in the kitchen.  “How’s your foot?”

“It’s fine.  I smacked my shoulder on the wall pretty hard though.”  I looked up to see him pouring coffee into his travel mug.

“Jeremy and I had a talk; he’s going to pick up his things from now on.”

“He’s seven, Edward.  He’ll remember to clean up for three days and then I’ll be back on the floor in the living room this time.”


 Title: The one that almost got away
Author: xXEternallyDazzledXx
Summary: Bella and Edward were high school sweethearts who failed at a long distance relationship during college. Having not seen each other for five years, how will they react when they are brought back together for Alice's wedding?

“Look, my sister booked the Presidential suite for me. I have the booking form here,” he hissed angrily. I forced myself to look up at him as I heard him say the name of my suite. This had to me some kind of twisted joke, didn’t it? All his facial features were the same, he still had that messy odd copper coloured hair and evidently, he still ran his hands through it when he was frustrated. His angular jaw was just as perfect as I remembered; it still looked as if it was carved by some sort of god. But he was different; he was wearing an expensive looking navy blue suit and tie, a far cry away from the sweatpants and college hoodies I remembered from our lazy Sundays when he was home from college for the holidays.

“I’m sorry, Sir. Someone has already checked into that room.”

“Well call the room and get them down here to sort it out,” he hissed.

I sighed and slowly approached the desk, without registering what my feet were doing. “No need to do that,” I said quietly. “What seems to be the problem? The Presidential is my suite.”

“Bella,” he whispered softly, staring down at me.

“It seems Mr Cullen is insistent that this suite was booked for him but the other young lady, Miss Cullen checked you in earlier.”

He and I sighed simultaneously. “Alice,” I groaned. “I knew I should have sorted out my own booking,” I muttered. “Look, I really don’t need that room, what else do you have?”

“I’m sorry Miss; we’re fully booked tonight with the wedding party. We have no other rooms left.”

“Where am I meant to sleep then?” Edward hissed angrily at the receptionist.

The elevator let out a ‘ding’ and Alice stepped out looking as glamorous as ever. “Edward… Bella… what’s going on?” she asked, confusion spreading across her face.

“Care to explain why Bella and I are booked into the same suite, Alice?”

To Love Once Again
Author: ChiTwiGal
Banner: @Christag_Banner
Pairing: Emmett and Rose
Rating: M for lemons of course


The cream colored designer cover up reached mid-thigh, the ruffled layers in the front hiding what was obviously a slender figure. Her tanned skin glistened under the thin straps that held up the dress giving the viewer a nice look at her exposed shoulders and slender arms. As he scanned down her body once more he noticed the open toe wedge platform heels which showed off her perfectly toned legs.
He watched every step she made as she was escorted to the cabana next to his. After what seemed like a pleasant exchange with her cabana host she moved and drew the fabric curtains closed as if to tell the world she didn’t wish to be bothered. Not sure how to decipher what he had just witnessed; he pulled himself from the water and made his way over to his own cabana. He dried himself off and decided to relax on the oversized chaise lounge inside his own cabana. As he reached over to pluck a small bunch of grapes from the complimentary fruit tray, he noticed he was able to see into her cabana through a small gap in the cloth curtains which made up the walls. He tried not to stare but couldn’t help himself as he saw more of her tanned skin. She had removed her cover-up and was now wearing what looked to be a stunning gold two piece bikini.
“Excuse me Mr. McCarty is there anything I can get you?”

So far gone
"I lay beside you,
Was it only last night?
I touched your face,
Peaceful in twilight…
I kissed your lips,
I touched your soul,
I sit here now, in an empty plane,
And you’re beside me no more…"


Title: I Love A Rainy Twilight

Author: My-Bella
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: T

Summary:  Human Bella and her vampire fiance Edward share a rainy human moment together in their meadow.


 Title: Strings
Author: pingvingirl
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: M
Summary: Bella Swan doesn't have time for a boyfriend. She wouldn't mind having one around part-time for occasional neck massages, spider rescues, romantic evenings and all those awkward plus-one invitations. She's had an inconvenient crush on Edward Cullen for years- what happens when he applies for the position?

Banner:by Ange de l'aube


“So, I’ve figured out the friend part and even the part-time part. What about the boy part?”

Especially now. She could use the extra alcohol.

She snorted. “If you need help identifying your boy parts, I don’t think you’re up for the job, Edward.”

Where had that come from? Obviously one glass of wine was more than enough.

He smirked. “Oh, I’d definitely be up for the job. And I can identify my boy parts just fine- they’re hard to miss. The question is, what do you consider to be the job?”

She coloured furiously, trying to ignore the innuendo. “You want me to define friends with benefits?”

He shrugged. “No. I want you to define part time boyfriend. Emphasis on the boy.”

She looked around nervously, as though people would be listening in. Judging her, though the only opinion she cared about right this minute was his.

“Is this really the best time for this discussion?”

“Well, we’ve finished dinner. Do the rules require me to see you home? Kiss you goodnight? Give you that neck massage? Or more?”

His eyes were fixed firmly on hers so that she could hardly think straight.


Stammering went well with the strong-single-woman-in-charge persona she was trying to channel.

She couldn’t name the look in his eyes. Or, actually, she thought she could, but she didn’t think she’d survive if she did and she was wrong. She’d wanted him to look at her like that for years. Whole, literal years of her life. If she’d known all she had to do was offer him no strings she might have done it long ago.

He nodded slowly. “More.”

Title: First Tango on Fiery Water
Author: The Joker's Daughter
Pairing: Carlisle/Bella
Rating: M/R/NC17
Summary: O/S-outtake from the fanfic Feral Blood. Having been mated for nearly two months, Carlisle makes good on his promise to teach Bella to tango. However, this get a little hotter on the water than either could have expected.

He moved to stand behind me and I groaned at the contact, because his body was not pressed directly against me like my body wanted; he was just close enough to barely brush against me and it was maddening that he would not move any closer. As his hands skimmed down my sides to my hips, I thought that I would die need and his low chuckled let me know that he had heard my thoughts through the unique connection of our joined soul. His breath was cool against my ear when he spoke, “First, I am going to teach you to walk.”
I could not have stopped the humor that flooded me even if I wanted to. Bello bestio, I realize that I was never la più coordinato persona you have ever met, but I did not think my previous lack of coordination was so entirely atrocious that you now feel the need to teach me to walk. I knew exactly what he meant, but it still seemed rather funny to have someone tell you that they were going to teach you how to walk…At least, it was funny until he pushed me forward.
“When you walk in the tango,” he practically cooed in my ear, making it difficult for me to pay attention, “you keep your knees bent slightly.” He put a little pressure on my hips and guided me to where he wanted me. “You want to keep your left leg bent as you step forward with your right. Now, you do not want to overextend your leg or your gait will begin to look as if you are bouncing. For the most part, you want to keep your head and shoulders at the same level whenever you walk and—” he kept one hand of his hands on my hip and slid his other around to press against my back— “you want to keep your back straight.”
He guided me forward, backward and made sure that I could do the side steps before he moved in front of me. “Now, this is the most important part.” He cupped my chin and turned my face directly up to his. “You need to be able to sense what I am going to do and I do not mean using our connection to cheat.” He smirked at my sheepish grin. “More often than not, choreographed dances are reserved for shows and exhibitions, because if you are dancing within a public forum, you have to adapt and dance around others. That is also why it is important for you to sense what I am doing, to know to move when and where I move.” He pulled. Of course, it would be simpler for me to instruct you were to go, but it takes away the emotion, the feeling. “I am not going to touch you, but I am going to move and I want you to sense what I am doing and follow me…So take a moment, keep watching me, and let yourself feel.”
I felt disappointment well up when he released me, but my name murmured softly on his lips drew me in and I found myself getting lost in his gaze. Of course, if it had been Edward, he would have simply tried to dazzle me, forced me to follow his will with his unique ability to persuade, but with Carlisle it was different. It was as if essence, his spirit, was inviting me in. It was a warm and welcoming feeling that every fiber of my being cried out for, wanted to be part of, and without thinking, without even realizing what was happening, I moved forward the moment he backed away from me.
“Molto buono, mia cocca,” he purred proudly. “Now, continue following me.”

Author & banner Maker : Noelle Seven
 "Five years after retiring from professional baseball, Edward is finally settling into his married and family life in Forks.  Follow along as he and Bella receive one big surprise."

 Paper Wings I'm A Creep James' Side
Beautiful banner by Christag_banners
I was never supposed to be the hero.  I was always the bad guy, the loser.  But my girl, my bird saw me as something I wasn't, she loved me.  Bella was blind.  To save her and our son I would become what they always said I was.  My name is James and I'm just a creep.

 Author: HoochieMomma
Title: Flight
Banner by: Evieeden
Rating: M for adult / violent themes
Summary: Each night, Rosalie escapes a painful world through her dreams. When what she holds dearest is lost forever, will she find something else to live for in her days? Rosalie and Emmett, AH, Angst, Romance, Hurt

Teaser for Flight:
Every night since I had been sent here, I dreamed of flying.
The welcoming, enveloping dreams all felt the same. Although the landscapes changed, my mood was never anything but one of elation, as my feet made their eager escape from the earth. But escape was not easy. Mine was not the effortless flight of the soaring birds that sliced the sky overhead with unthinking grace, tearing my breathing ragged with envy.
For me, it took pure exertion to break away from the dragging pull of life, like swimming upwards through deep, heavy water. Currents of air buffeted my body as it heaved, fighting to unlearn all it had known before I had wandered too far in one of the nights of crumbling despair. That night had been the first time I stumbled on this precious, jeweled secret.
Gulls and curlews wheeled far above me, yet I was close enough to the gray waves to feel fine spray hissing on my face. I tasted salt. Always treading to keep afloat in the cool air, I knew instinctively that I must not let my concentration slip. Even a momentary lapse would be enough to send me plunging through the chilled surface, down amongst slate-dark shadows to the realities beneath.
As nights passed, it grew easier. After so much floundering, struggling and heaving away from all that lay below, I gradually learned to push myself further upwards with everything I had, surprising myself with alien determination.
In the hour before dawn, I lay supine in mid-air, examining myriad crystalline points studding the inked canopy above. From thin air beneath, an unknown peace supported me.
What if I never went back? How much time would pass before they came looking?
I knew it wouldn’t be long. I supposed that I might be able to simply turn my head and watch them when they arrived, raking across the Exmoor headland and the beach, shouting into the wind, turning fearful eyes to the incoming tide. I wondered if any of them would ever think to look upwards, to search for me here, a dark dot now against the lightening eastern sky.

Author: MeraNaamJoker

Title: In Which Paul Plays Airplane (A Miror Quaenam Sis Tam Bella Futuretake)
Banner by UntilWeBleedOz.
Rating: M for sex and language
Summary: Paul and Bella are happy with their life in La Push with their two young children. But when a new complication threatens their daughters’ future, Bella must help Paul understand that he can’t protect his family from themselves.

Teaser for Miror Quaenam Sis Tam Bella futuretake: In Which Paul Plays Airplane
Daylight peeking between the curtain’s edges. A broad chest rising and falling evenly under one of my legs. I sprawled on my back, sideways on the bed, and lazily contemplated righting my position, but it seemed like too much trouble.
beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep
“It’s so evil,” I moaned, squeezing my eyes shut.
One long arm reached over me and scrambled around, I assumed looking for the alarm clock on the nightstand next to my head. “I can’t believe the girls let us sleep till it went off. That never… happens…”
I opened my eyes and turned a gaze of sheer horror toward my husband, who met it with an identical expression. We rolled toward each other and held on, trying to brace ourselves.
“We’re so fucked,” he groaned, the vibration of the words in his chest buzzing against my ear.
“I can’t stand it.” I buried my face into the crook of his arm. “You go look.”
“I’d rather take on a fucking leech, and that’s the goddamned truth.” Paul kissed the top of my head and rolled out of bed, adjusting himself in his boxer briefs as he did so. I eyed his mostly-naked body wistfully while he padded to the door. It had been… oh God, it was so damn long since we’d had sex I couldn’t even remember when the last time had been. That was bad. Still, letting our daughters keep on getting into whatever trouble they’d found would be worse.
“Language,” I called out as he turned down the hall.
“Yeah, yeah.”
A couple of seconds later, I heard a high-pitched duo: “Hi, Daddy!” Paul’s whoops of laughter followed right after.
Okay, so whatever it was probably didn’t involve a tragic diaper removal or strangling on something I couldn’t have predicted. That was better than I had any right to expect. I got to my feet and followed Paul’s path to the girls’ room. When I stood in the doorway, Paul turned, still grinning. “This is classic. Take a picture; our parents are gonna want to see it.”
I peered around him to behold our three- and two-year-old girls completely covered in baby powder from head to toe… which meant they matched the rest of the room, which was coated in the same.
Abigail ran to me, arms outstretched. Each step made a tiny cloud of powder puff up from the carpet. “Mommy! I helped with the diaper because sissy was wet!” Apparently I’d been overly optimistic with the “tragic diaper removal” thing. At least there wasn’t any poop smeared on the walls this time.
Hannah removed her fingers from her mouth as she nodded solemnly. “Was wet, Mommy.” Her diaper, attached crookedly with far too much room in the waist, hung somewhere around her knees. It wasn’t a bad effort for a preschooler, though.
I could barely choke back my giggles as I said sternly, “Abigail Diana. What have I told you about playing with the baby powder?”
A look of outrage took over her round face. “Mommy! I’s not playing! I’s a big girl helper!”
“Oh, I see.” I pretended to think about that while surveying the damage more closely. Damn. This was going to take an entire vacuum bag. I could feel my shoulders knot up as the amount of cleaning required began to sink in. “Okay. I appreciate you helping, baby, but next time will you come get Mommy first so I can watch?”
Abigail didn’t look too thrilled with the prospect, but she nodded anyway. “Okay, Mommy.”
“What can I do?” Paul asked. “My first appointment’s not till nine today. Tell me what you need.”
“First, this.” I turned into him and slid my arms around his waist. “Oh my God, such a mess, Paul.”
After a second, he returned my embrace. “It’s okay, babe. Just powder. I’ll help.”


Author: Holly1980
Edward Cullen had been in the coffee shop, the only one at that and it wasn’t a Starbucks, in the one horse town of Plaxco, Texas for all of five minutes when she walked in. She being, hands down God’s honest truth, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Long dark hair pulled back with an oversized pair of sunglasses, a pink strapless seersucker dress (Edward was only aware that it was seersucker because it was something instilled upon all southern women; seersucker and white were to be worn only after Easter and until Labor Day and it was the beginning of June), and a simple pair of white flip flops. Her skin was as ivory as the soap he had used that morning to bathe with and her eyes as dark as the piece of chocolate he had stolen from his brother that morning.


Title: July - Outtake from Dealing with the Kangaroo.
Banner by Lilabut
Author: Mellyb6
Pairing: Jacob/Bella
Rating: M
Summary: Dealing with the Kangaroo is about Bella expecting a child, right? Did you ever wonder how Jacob and Bella came to conceive that baby? Let’s look a little closer…
“Our wedding isn’t big, honey. It’s just us, our parents and our friends.”
“You know what I mean.” I opened my eyes when his fingers touched my hand. I turned my head to the left to meet his grin. “You still don’t want to go to Vegas? I’m sure it’ll be great and…”
“No way. Your mom would kill us.”
“You’re certainly right. But still, it would be less stressful and all.” I pouted. He laughed, closing the space between us to kiss me. I knew it was pointless to ask again since, even if planning the wedding was a lot of pressure, it was going to be wonderful. I just wanted to make sure that Jacob didn’t feel like we had to do something big to make me happy. We had already had this conversation dozens of times before, and I didn’t want to have it again so I gave in to his kiss.
“Wanna move things to the backseat?” he whispered against my lips. They then moved down to my neck, sucking at the skin there and making me want to do exactly what he just suggested.
“We both know you don’t fit in this backseat.” This made him chuckle, sending vibrations all over my body. I didn’t want to end up with a black eye one month shy of the wedding because Jacob was too tall for my car. One time had been enough.
“That’s a shame. You should have bought a bigger car.”
“Hey! Don’t blame my car! My car’s perfect. It’s not its fault if you’re freakishly big!”
“Oh, there are other things about me that are big, too, and you aren’t complaining about those.” I smacked his arm in response to his smirk. I had to admit that it was nice to spend a couple of hours being harassed by Jacob’s doubtful sense of humor. I was tired of the ball of nerves that my mom was, which in return made me very nervous, too. I wanted the wedding to be over already. The ceremony didn’t matter so much to me. All I cared about was the result: being married to Jacob.
“You don’t fit in the backseat, but we can fit in only one seat.” I scooted over until I was sitting on his lap. He seemed to like that very much because his lips found my neck again as soon as I was settled. My back was pressed to his chest and while it was a great position for snuggling, I believed he wanted more than snuggling so I turned around until I was somehow straddling him.
“Better.” He grinned , his hands finding my waist to draw me even closer. My own hands went around his neck, grabbing the hair there and pulling him in to kiss me.
“We look like teenagers,” I realized with a laugh. We were making out in a car, in a deserted parking lot. It’d been years since we’d done something like that. “We probably should stop, Jake. Someone could see us.”
“And? I don’t care. You’re my sexy fiancée and if I don’t kidnap you, you don’t have time for me. So I’m keeping you with me and to hell with people. They can watch if they want.”
“Sorry. Kidding, Bells,” he whispered in my ear, his hands sneaking up under my top made me forget that, for one split second, I was about to get mad at him. His skin warmed my bare stomach as his mouth was leaving a trail of wet kisses down from my lips to the opening of my blouse. The moment his fingers grazed my breasts, I decided it didn’t matter so much if we were caught. Besides, with the rain outside, I doubted anyone would be out on the beach tonight, especially when darkness was coming pretty fast.

“I think this thing should come off. It’s getting on my way,” he mumbled against my skin, his lips finding the first buttons. There is something extremely hot in having your fiancé popping your clothes open with his teeth.

 A Life in Technicolor Outtake
By Pemberly Rose

All’s quiet on the Northern front.

Huh what? I asked. My eyes burned and my body ached, even in wolf form I was fighting exhaustion.

Jake seriously get some sleep.

I grumbled as Leah tried to coax me into phasing back and sleeping for a few hours. Even though every part of me called out for rest but I couldn’t do it. Not with everything going on. What if...?

What if what? You’re no damn good to me half dead.

Christ, Lee you sound like Mom. Seth chimed in. I shook my head as the incessant banter between brother and sister began.

Well our fearless leader over there is about to fall over from exhaustion. And he needs to phase before that happens. Do you want the pack subjected to his subconscious emo-shit about Ness? I think not.

She does have a point, Jake.

Awesome now I have both of you ganging up on me?

Try three. And now Embry too?

Et tu Brute?

Embry’s mental laughter bounced around in my head.

You better be glad that you’re on the Rez and not here. I’d hamstring you for this mutiny.

Correction, this isn’t mutiny. It’s an intervention, jackass. Get. Some. Sleep.

Sure, sure. I’ll be fine.

You know, I really never thought I’d be the one to say this but I kinda wish Sam was around to order you to go to bed.

Wow, a Sam reference from Leah? Dude she means serious business I’d listen to her. Seth added. 

Seriously I need new friends.

Screw you, Black. If something were to happen you’d be out of commission anyways. We need you at full strength. So does Ness. You realize how pissed she’ll be when I tell her you put up this much of a fight.

She’d probably punch you.

At least she wouldn’t break her hand in the process. Though she’d probably bust your jaw.

Dude, ten bucks on Ness. She’s feisty.

Make it twenty and you sir have a bet.

I grumbled and paced around the same tree just on the outskirts of the Cullen estate. They were right, all of them but I didn’t want to listen. The pain was easier to handle in wolf form.

I get it, really Jake. But maybe let Jasper work his mojo on you to help.

Heh, did your sister seriously just say mojo?

Yes, I believe she did.

Can it, idiots. I’m serious Jacob. Don’t make me get Rachel to come down there and throw a maternal smack down. She’ll need the practice for when Sarah’s older.

Rachel goin’ all maternal is definitely a valid threat, bro.

That’d be hilarious to see Rach pull you by the ear.

All right, all right enough! I’ll try to sleep. Promise.

Good, Bella should be almost there with some clothes for you. I had Ambs pack you a couple days worth and some toiletries to get you by. Also Col is covering for you at the garage. The guys aren’t happy with that idea over there, but they’ll deal.


Shut up, you know you’re not coming home ‘til she’s back. Might as well not have to rough it. I don’t want you to phase til the morning, you’re to sleep and take care of yourself or I’m coming down there to kick your ass. Capisce?

Yes, mother.

Kiss my ass.

No thanks.

I could hear Bella’s car pull off the highway and down the road leading to the house. I was grateful she’d even offered. Any other time I’d decline, however Bella, being Bella wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Jake?”

I heard her call out from the garage. I trotted over there and poked my head around the corner. She grinned widely when she saw me. “Went to your house. Amber had this waiting for you...” she said. A small duffel bag was down at her side. The other voices faded, most of them phasing back to human form. Leah’s mental presence was there, however. Probably to make sure I did as I was told.

Leah, tell your woman thank you for me.

No problem. We’ll keep you posted if anything happens. I doubt the Volturi would come now, Aro has what he wants on his way there.

True, but he wants Edward, Alice and Bella for their abilities. I wouldn’t put it past him to send Caius out to collect them too.

We’ll keep an ear out here. You hold down the fort there. Just take care of yourself, you hear?

Yeah, I hear you.

Bella held out the strap of the bag for me. I took it between my teeth and went over to the thickest part of the trees that I could find, dropping the bag and phasing into human form. I’d take a shower later. The feel of cotton and denim though felt almost strange on my skin. It always did post phase.

When I entered the house there wasn’t much talking or much noise. The sounds of the television blaring CNN, and clanging pans from the kitchen were about the only signs there was actually anyone here. Emmett was staring like a zombie at the television, grimacing at the negativity from the talking heads. I grabbed the remote from him and flicked on ESPN. “At least watch something enjoyable to distract yourself.”

He grimaced. “I was trying to keep an eye on the news, just in case anything goes down in Italy.”

“And you think CNN is going to pick up on it? I mean Anderson Cooper is an amazing reporter but I doubt he has the 4-1-1 on the underbelly of the vampire world.”

Huffing he sat back on the sofa. “I know. I just feel useless. I hate feeling useless.”

“Welcome to the club.” I retorted before leaving him for the kitchen.

 Penname: SweetestLady-2030

Banner by: Jaime Arkin


Dear Edward,

When we first met, we were kids. Silly, naïve kindergarteners. But I still remember how I looked at You back then: through awe-struck eyes, my mouth hanging slightly open, my small heart pounding and quivering like a strangled colibri, already way back then.

You grew and I lost You. You were older than me; bigger both in mind and might. I didn’t think of You all these years, but I never forgot You. How could I? You were extraordinary, You still are. And with each day I want to be Yours more and more.

I must apologize. When I found You again, I paid no mind to the prospect of seeing You every day. You had changed. You weren’t my Edward anymore. Not that You’ve ever been, unfortunately, but that’s all I’ve ever seen You as – mine.
Authors:  MizzezPattinson & CarLemon

Edward Cullen lives in a world with no complications and he likes it that way.
An undeniable attraction, a motorcycle, a blog, and a complication. What is really going on down at the Lone Star?

As I’m pouring the Southern Comfort into the glasses, I glance up toward the sheer mayhem at the door, wondering where the fuck Rose is. Fuck, do I have to do everything? That’s when I see her, a beautiful woman, not a freshman college girl; no, she’s definitely a woman, shifting nervously at the entrance. Her eyes are darting around, and she looks so lost. My eyes and dick do not fail to notice the blush that creeps up on her cheeks and the juicy bottom lip she is currently nibbling. Fuck, I want to nibble on it. Her outfit is not what most of the patrons would wear here, but goddamn if I don’t find it hot as hell. A white shirt, a tight black skirt, and the fuck me shoes… don’t forget those. She runs her hand through her long dark hair nervously as Rose finally decides to take command of the waiting area again.


Welcome to Paradise Outtake Teaser:
By Suzie55
Banner by: Rosearcadia

Edward chuckles. “I forecast a lot of one night stands and week-long sweet spots and no commitment.”


“The girl I’m looking for doesn’t exist, at least not here. And I know for a fact she doesn’t exist in New York.”

“Sounds like you have a list. Hit me with it.”

“Not a list per se, but a few requisites. First, I want a girl who will tell me no. This is the most important deal breaker.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? No girl says no to you—“

“Precisely, my point. It’s gotten too easy. Believe it or not, I don’t like mindless fucks. It would be nice to feel more than just an orgasm with a girl.”

 Author: Kas90
Banner by: Lizzylillyrose


Bella was clutching his pillow so tightly when he walked into his bedroom that night, he wasn’t sure he could even wrestle it from her sleeping fingers. But, fuck, his head hurt, and his body ached constantly these days. He sighed loudly, not even caring if he woke her, and went to jump into the shower. The hot water didn’t seem to do much for his tired muscles, and it didn’t feel like it sobered him up any, either, so he climbed out of the shower yet again unsatisfied with something else in his fuck up of a life.
He pulled shorts over his body and climbed into bed, yanking the pillow out from under his wife’s arms and slamming it down beneath him. She stirred momentarily, but she was back asleep without even opening an eye. He wasn’t surprised. Even if she noticed that he was home, he was sure that she wouldn’t have cared. She didn’t seem to care about anything other than work and the inmates anymore.
He was nothing to her -- a cast off, an embarrassment, a nuisance. He knew this. He knew that she knew that he knew this.
And so what did he do? He made as much noise in his life as possible, hoping that, just once, she would see him again.
He knew his drinking had gotten out of hand. He knew he spent too much time at the office.
He knew every time he slept with his secretary that he was escalating further into the circles of hell.
He screamed. He was yelling. He was begging for something. He was guilt stricken, sobbing.
But he couldn’t be held responsible. He wouldn’t be held responsible.
He thought about her now, and how he never really wept. They never talked about their lack of relationship. They fell through the ice, and when they tried not to slip, they would say, “We can’t be held responsible.”
They would never compromis ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Author: KitsuShel
Title: Brown Eyed Girl ~ A Rabbit Heart Outtake
Pairing: Bella & Emmett

Rating: K+ 

Banner made by: Becksishere




“Stop being a poopie head, Shaggy!”

“Then stop being a stupid girl, Scrappy!”

The little girl folded her arms and glared at the older boy, who in return, had his fists clenched in anger.

“I am not a stupid girl! You take that back you big jerk!”

“No! You are too a stupid girl and I don’t want to play with you anymore!”

In a very rash moment, the boy shoved the little girl down and stalked away. Her bottom lip quivered as she watched her best friend in the world walk away, two other boys cackling along beside him. She grasped her shirt sleeve between her palm and thumb, wiping her nose and the tears from her cheeks.

If Emmett wanted to play with those idiotic boys instead of her, well then fine, she didn’t need him. Bella sighed and felt a sharp tug in chest. Panicking, she clutched her heart and jumped to her feet, running non-stop all the way home. Out of breath, she gasped and moaned, falling at her father’s feet in their living room.

Charlie Swan looked down at his daughter and raised his eyebrows.

“What are you doing, Bells? I thought you and Emmett were playing at the park?”

“Daddy,” she gasped, still clutching her chest. “I’m having a heart attack, please don’t let me die!” she wailed as torrent of tears washed down her face.

Story: Green Gloves

Author: Mrs. Cope

Banner by: Mrs. Cope
Teaser: Carlisle was alone, but more than that, he was lonely. He came to Central Park on a spring day in 1902 to be one in an anonymous sea of souls, but instead, found a kindred spirit - one who would change his outlook and encourage him to build a family.
 A Debt Repaid By: Nyddi


"Why? Honestly, why would you do something like this if you are serious when you say you have never done something like this before?" she asked me, turning her head away from me and unknowingly giving me the perfect view of her delicious looking neck.

I reached up and tenderly cupped it, my thumb caressing the smooth skin, the rest of my fingers tilting her head back towards me.

"I'm sorry, Bella, sorry that I did this. But I just couldn't stop myself," I murmured, caressing her neck and staring into her stunned eyes.

She swallowed heavily, I saw and clearly felt it, and her sinful eyes were wide as she stared at me.

"Why? Why couldn't you stop yourself? You blackmailed my husband, in turn blackmailed me, to get me to come here with you tonight. And all because he owes you money," she whispered accusingly, her eyes narrowing.

She made no move to distance herself from me.

Satisfaction and lust slammed into me, need for her drawing me closer.

"I couldn't stop myself and not because he owes me money. I couldn't stop myself because the moment I saw you nothing mattered but you. And your husband didn't just borrow money, Bella, he stole thousands from us. So forgive me if I used that to my advantage but every fiber in my being demanded that I find a way to get close to you."

She stared at me, her facial expression tense.

Then she huffed, the sound adorable. "I'm supposed to find that romantic?"

I threw my head back and laughed. "No, you're supposed to find our date romantic. Are you?" I asked, moving closer so I could inhale her scent.

She still didn't move away from me. I smirked, leaned in, and lightly brushed my lips against her throat.

Groaned at the shiver that ran through her.

"Maybe," she gasped and I could feel her internal struggle.

"Bella, I would never force you to do anything physical," I whispered, leaning down and kissing her neck again.

She shook like a leaf and I groaned opening my mouth to taste her properly.

A broken gasp left her at the feel of my tongue. It was agony tasting her, it was heaven.

So good.

"But I want you. So badly, Beautiful. Say you want me, please," I whispered into her ear hotly, swirled my tongue around it.

Her whimper had me clutching at the table with my free hand.

"I...I don't know," she whimpered, but even as she said it her head was falling back to allow me better access.

"Just say yes, Bella. Please," I pleaded into her ear my voice gruff with need.

I had never needed a woman so badly and more than ever I was determined to take her away from the low life of a man she was married to.

"Edward, I'm married."

Her plea sent anger rushing through me.

It wasn't fair that a worthless man like Jacob Black could own her and I couldn't.

"You want me, Bella, I know you do," I pleaded back, my lips moving down to her shoulder.

"It's wrong."

"Us not being together is what's wrong, Bella," I said surprised by the conviction in my tone.

I stopped kissing her skin, one of the hardest things I've ever done, and looked up to meet her eyes.

"Say yes," I urged making sure she could hear the depth of my need in my tone.

She just stared at me, undecided, but I could tell she wanted so badly to say yes.


Title: We Are Okay
Author: Tilly Whitlock
Pairing: Jasper/Bella
Rating: M
Summary: Bella's changed by Maria. After taking control of her life and fleeing from the Queen of the South, she runs into the one person who can ruin everything she's trying to build for herself. Will she let him in? Will he let her survive, or will he find a way to destroy her completely?

A rustle in the trees brought my attention back to the world. I took a small breath, and in that breath was everything I needed to know. It was another vampire. He smelled amazing, like a fresh rain, but none the less it was still a vampire.  I let out a low growl to let him know that he wasn't alone, and then I felt a rush of calm wash over me.
My mind started to work in overtime as it rushed to figure out the mystery I had been presented with. I was being manipulated, and I had only ever heard of one person who was able to do this.
"Mi Cielo?" my voice rasped out. I could hear the rush of air before I was pressed against the wall. Warm hands circled my throat.
"Only one person has ever called me that. Explain, or you'll be a pile of fire by the end of the morning." I trembled with fear. I wasn't sure if he was pushing it on me, or if I was actually feeling it, but it was there.
"Maria. Ran away," I said. The ruby in his eyes went from being hard as rock to soft as mercury. Slowly he released his grip from around my neck.
"She's still doing it then? Still creating armies?" he asked, and I nodded slowly as my hands went to rub at my neck. I didn't need the relief, but it was a welcomed distraction from the man in front of me.
"She's in Monterrey. Although, she may be on the move if she's figured out that I'm gone. She won't be happy that another person successfully escaped from her."
"We'll talk about what you mean by that in a few minutes, but who the hell are you, and why are you in Marshall?"
I was startled by his questions. I wracked my brain for the answers that were suddenly a fog.
"Be-Bella Swan. Originally from Forks, Washington. Maria got a hold of me while I was living in Phoenix with my mother." My words were coming out in a stutter, and I wasn't entirely sure it was from the fear.
He took a deep breath, shuddered and took a few steps back.
"What a pretty Swan you are." I don't think he had meant for me to hear him, but I did. I raised a brow at him, my curiosity spiking.
"Pretty Swan? That's the best you can come up with?" I asked disbelievingly. His eyes flashed to mine with a mix of anger and frustration.
"You have balls to stare in the face of death and be defiant, Little Girl." Even if he was controlling his power, I could feel the truth to his words. I had heard the rumors of his kills. Maria had spun the tales in our heads so that, if by chance Mi Cielo were to come back, we'd be terrified of him.
She had accomplished the terrified part, but it wasn't for the reason she thought. I wasn't afraid of him. I was terrified of the concept of him. Learning about a vampire that could control the way you felt had a way of making you scared. The only thing I feared about Mi Cielo was his ability to take away what I was feeling.
Even in his anger, his voice melted me like butter on top of warm pancakes. When he wasn't mad, it was smooth and soft, kind of like how silk feels as it hangs against your skin. However, the moment the anger tainted it, it became rough and menacing. It just didn't work on me. I wasn't afraid of him because of his tone of voice. Somehow he was able to make me feel the fear that he wanted, but it wasn't going to come naturally to me.
"Why aren't you afraid?" His voice brought me out of that place in my mind. I was starting to get into the dangerous place of exploring my emotions, and there was nothing more dangerous than exploring my emotions.
"Because you don't scare me. If you wanted me dead, I'd be dead—it's a simple fact. Unless you've gone soft since you left Maria." I raised a challenging brow at him and he shook his head with a dark sadistic chuckle.
"I wasn't kidding when I said you have balls. No one talks to me like that." Without hesitation, I was slammed up against the wall again.
Catergory: Mortal Instruments AU/AH
Title: Chasing a Kiss
Cannon Parings: Jace/Clary  
Author: Bookninja15
After eight years of only a friendship in letters sent halfway across the world, Clary in New York and Jace in Idris finally decide it's time to meet face to face. So when years of just a written friendship come to life, will other feelings make themselves known?  
When Jace finally got out of the plane, he made a beeline for his bag and made his way out, looking for a redheaded girl. He remembered where they were supposed to meet, just outside of a souvenir shop. So he wandered around, looking for her face amongst the hundreds of people milling about. He saw lovers reunite; families come together, tearful goodbyes and so much more as he wandered. This made him wonder what actually meeting her would be like, was she really like the girl in the letters?
He didn’t have the answers, but he wanted to know everything, while Clary had been forthcoming with her innermost thoughts and a few photos, he realized he knew so little about New York, what they wore, what they ate and what people did to fill the day. He was sure it couldn’t have been much different from Idris, but being here was so surreal that he doubted it could be anything like his home city Alicante.

Bella has grown comfortable in the life of a prostitute sleep all day, fuck all night. But when a handsome stranger offers to hire her for an entire 3 weeks while he's in Beverley Hills, will she get comfortable in his world?

What Fills the Eye Fills My Heart by TwoTwiMoms
Banner By vbfb19

Edward POV outtake of What Fills the Eye Fills the Heart


Rated M

Story Summary:
Bella is an erotic romance novelist who finds herself in a pub to escape her roommate's animalistic "romps" with her boyfriend.
While at the pub, she meets sexy, Irish Edward who is both the proprietor and bartender. Night after night,
Bella goes to the pub to write and ogle sexy Edward but on St. Patrick's Day will she end up having a romp of her own?

Outtake Summary: What does Edward think when this gorgeous brunette comes into his pub and takes out a laptop. Can he get her out of his head or does he even want to? Will his sexy charm reel her in for a night of passion and love with promise of more or will he be left with a broken heart?


Title: Chasing the Swan (future take for a new story to come in June 2011)
Penname: PrincessxoAmber
Pairing: Paul/Bella
Summary: Bella Swan, is the brother of Collin and Brady. When they phase she makes her way to the Uley house to get some answers on their disappearance. When she does, what will her destiny hold for her there?
Teaser: “You, want to talk to me?” She asked skeptically, “About what?”  
“Yeah, I want to talk to you, why is that so hard to believe.” I answered defensively.
She didn’t say anything, she just looked up at me with those does eyes, the same ones that linked me to her forever. I wasn't sure why she was just staring at me – hell, she could have been talking, but I couldn't hear a word. I was so distracted by her presence that I couldn't function properly.
“Paul, I asked you a question.” She asked with her hands on her hips.
“What did you say Bella?” I tried to sound sweet, and gave her a smile that all the other girls fell for.
Bella Swan was proving right then and there that she wasn’t like other girls, she snorted at me and walked away. I watched her retreating form and turned to look at all my friends standing on the porch. Their eyes were all full of shock and it had finally happened, I, Paul Meraz, was just turned down by the pack’s dream girl.


Built My Life Around You
Author: ForksPixie
Banner Made by: UNF4Rob
Non-Canon Couples: Jasper/Bella
Rated: M

I stood, tears silently falling, staring into the empty room that still held the smells of spices and leather and I thought of him again. But this time it was different – this time, I wasn’t imagining an illusory future at his side; I was letting myself remember. I wanted to feel the pain of our love lost. I wanted to find the mistakes I had made along with his. To no longer see it through rose colored glasses that shaded the reality of his humanity and my foolishness. I had put him on a pedestal for far too long, holding him up above the sea of sharks and predators that had eaten away at my life. I had created him in my mind as a super hero that would swoop down and take me away from the villains. But who could ever live up to those expectations? So I took a step forward into the still room until I reached the window, looked out towards the surrounding landscape and remembered.

 Author I_Am_Kate
Summary: Renesmee Cullen has grown up secure in the knowledge that she might be different, but she’s very much loved. She has a family she adores and her best friend Jacob has been a constant by her side for as long as she can remember. But Ness has been plagued by a reoccurring nightmare since she was a baby. When she figures out that the monster in her dream is actually Jacob and family secrets get revealed, Renesmee flees, beginning a journey that will shake her world and make her question everything she thought was real.

Sneak Peek
Swallowing over the painful lump in my throat, I said, “Jacob, I have some questions for you and I want you to answer them truthfully.”

“Okay,” he replied slowly.

“Were you ever in love with my mom? Did you two ever kiss?” I rasped out.

He didn’t say anything for so long that I thought he’d hung up. And then I heard swearing—loud, furious swearing.

“Where are you?” Jacob demanded when he finally started to calm down.

“Just tell me,” I said.

“Renesmee—” My breath hitched. Jake never called me that. “That was so long ago…before you were even born.” 

“Not so long ago,” I countered. “Not even six years.”

“Nessie...” He sounded tortured. “Please tell me where you are.”

“And did you…” My fingers tightened apprehensively on my phone. “Did you ever try to k-kill me right after I was born?”

Again silence. Then in a voice I could barely hear, Jacob asked, “Where did you hear all this?”

I was shocked at his tone. He sounded like he was about to cry. My tough, infallible...deceitful, murderous Jacob.

Author : Sydneyalice
What do four con artists find when they accidentally break into the same bank vault? They find their soulmates.
“Pros and Cons” outtake written for Fandom4Tsunami.

Title:   BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Twilight fanfic
Pairing:   Edward & Jasper SLASH.  
Author: owenic
Banner By : RobstenCuteness
Rated M

Edward, a tradesman by day, is transfixed by a blue eyed man he meets on the dance floor every Friday night.  When a reserved Jasper turns up to a new work site, he’s shocked as to who he finds.  Jasper has his reasons for hiding who he is at work, but Edward wants to show him that he can have the best of both worlds...


The lights are strobing, the bass is thumping. Bodies are swaying, grinding, sweating.

I am lost in a sea of metaphorical white and blue collars; from lawyers and doctors to tradesmen. Status isn’t important on the dance floor.  We are all accepted here; gay, proud and sensual, and sexual.  

Hands and mouths push and pull, give and take, want and need.

I see him and he looks at me with those blue eyes that have owned me every Friday night for the last four weeks.  

My hands are on his hips and he licks the sweat off my neck.  And I shiver.


Work is, as it always is.  As a carpenter, a tradesman, I hide who I really am.

I love what I do. My boss, Marcus, respects me.  He’s a good man and sometimes I think he might know the secret I keep, but he says nothing.  

The men I work with work hard, drink hard.  They live for the weekends, beer, football and women.

“Come on Edward, we’ll show you how real men drink,” James scoffs.

Four o’clock Friday is tools down, beers up, but not for me.  I have somewhere else I’d rather be.  

A dance floor with a blue eyed boy, whose name I do not know.


Far From Home: An Outtake From The Sharpest Lives
Author: lvtwilight09
Banner made by: vbfb1
Edward left Bella seven months ago. She's all he can think about, and day after day his regret for leaving her grows. Haunted by Bella's absence from his life, Edward questions whether or not leaving was the right choice. Deciding he made a mistake, Edward chooses to returnt o Forks in the hope to win Bella back. What happens when his return doesn't turn out the way he had hoped?
Unsure of what to do anymore, I make my way downstairs to where Carlisle’s study is. Before I can even knock I hear “Come in Edward” from the other side of the door. Pushing the door open, I make my way in and take a seat in the chair that is across from where Carlisle is sitting behind his desk, his face buried in some medical journal.
“How did you know it was me?” I ask.
“Edward, it wasn’t hard. Even your footsteps sound depressed. I’m worried about you son. I know you said you left because you wanted what was best for Bella, but the toll it’s taking on you isn’t healthy. Maybe…well, maybe you should think about going back to Forks.”
“Carlisle, I know I’ve been…difficult to be around these past few months, and I’m sorry for making you all have to deal with it. I just never thought it would hurt so badly to be away from her. I’ve always known I needed her, but I never realized how much. Everything reminds me of her, and that’s what makes it so much worse. With all the reminders I feel like I can’t try to let myself heal. I don’t know what to do anymore. I think you’re right though…I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to handle staying away. Maybe if we go back I’ll be able to find a way to make it work…if she’ll have me back.”


Hard by SingleStrand
Banner By UNF4Rob

Jasper POV outtake of Chapter 3


Rated M

Story Summary: Lonely in a new town, Edward is searching for something. He finds what he least expected in a coffee shop– Jasper and Riley. Care for a side of sex with your macchiato? AH slash. Winner of Judges' Choice for the Dirty Talking Jasper contest. E/J/R 3some

Outtake Summary: When Jasper, Riley and Edward have an interesting night at the movies, Jasper makes Riley bail on Edward early so they can go have a little one-on-one time.


Banner Made by: ReadOurMind
Author Name: ReadOurMind
Story Name: Love or Something Like It
Category: Twilight; AH/AU
Main character: Bella
Summary: Small-town girl, Bella lives a simple day-to-day life until her brother Emmett brings home a new friend. Life as she knew it, suddenly becomes more... interesting.


On the last day of my junior year, I arrived home with my best friend Angela in tow. We made plans to start early on our summer tans. While lying on lawn chairs in my backyard, we chatted about the usual… movies and boys; music blaring out of my boom box placed next to us. I heard the rumble of a truck pulling into our drive and glanced up to see my brother Emmett getting out, followed by two guys I didn’t know. I was glad I chose to wear dark sunglasses, for they made it possible to stare inconspicuously at the driver.

This boy with the looks and build of a man was breathtaking. He stood shorter than Emmett, but still had at least half a foot on me. He wore his hair a bit long; his thick, wavy locks hanging just below his ears. He had a nicely toned body with just the right amount of muscles bulging under his slightly clinging tee. A hemp necklace was an added touch. My breath caught and my stomach flipped as they made their way closer. I hoped like hell they would just walk into the house and avoid us altogether, but that wasn’t to be. Emmett continued toward Angela and me, making introductions.

He was eighteen, having just graduated from high school and visiting from Kansas; staying the summer with his aunt and uncle and working on their farm just like Emmett. I made a mental note that day to spend as much time as necessary to learn more about him. Having never been interested in a boy before, this aspect was new to me; particularly being he was a friend of Emmett. I loved my brother dearly, but most of his friends were jerks.


Heaven or hell?By Bambino
Banner By: MariainNYC
I still remember the first day I saw her. She was walking the halls at school – running actually, because she was late. Her hair swung as she repeatedly excused herself, squeezing past students and teachers.
She was breathtaking.
I remember how I gazed after her as she turned and entered the classroom where she was about to have math for the next two hours.
That was the classroom I was supposed to be in. It was my first day at the new school and I was late. I stepped into that classroom and entered my new future, my future with her – Alice Cullen. Even though I didn’t realize it until months later, it was true love.
It still is.


Author: 22blue
Banner maker: evieeden
Some people go through their entire lives without ever falling in love. Some are lucky enough to find that one person who they know is it for them. They are the one person who the lucky can’t stop thinking about, the one who becomes their other half, and the one who satisfies their deepest desires.

But what happens when someone finds two? Two people who fulfill every need and every want, but they do so in the most different of ways. Is that person lucky?


Edward’s hand is on my lower back, and he’s rubbing his thumb along my skin. He’s swaying us perfectly with the rhythm; the alcohol is making my head fuzzy, and the smell of him is all around me. He pulls me closer, and I let him. His grip on me is strong, but not too strong – it’s more secure than anything, and I close my eyes. Just for a moment I’ll let myself fall into him, and I lay my head against his shoulder, forgetting anyone else is around. 

“This is nice,” he says, “being able to hold you this close.”

I don’t answer, but instead lift my head and look over his shoulder, focusing on other couples dancing around us. It’s the only part of me I pull away because I know this is the last time I’ll touch him like this, and, greedily, I want it to last just a little while longer. 

Lovestruck by TheRainGirl and SunshineGal3
Banner by WMC

In this light-hearted romance, Bella falls in love with Jake from afar. Every day he comes into her coffee shop for his usual coffee and scone, and every day he flirts and she swoons. He's the perfect man as far as she can see - happy, beautiful, intelligent, and looks amazing in a suit. Then, on the day he finally makes her fantasies come true and asks her out, he has a terrible accident. Upon arrival at the hospital, he slips into a coma. Bella stays by his side because of an accidental upgrade from coffee girl to fiance. However, when Jake's family shows up she realizes she’s in over her head. There’s a lovely mother, a gracious father, a beautiful sister, and... a brother.
 Author: Mrs. The King
Banner By : @jaimearkin
Bella wasn't sure how everyone got so very involved in her wedding. They just were. Maybe she was too bubble-headed in love with Edward and his testicles. Everyone seemed to want a piece of her wedding to call his or her own.
Rosalie was first with her not-so-subtle nor superfluous demand. Bella had opened her apartment door to the angry Goth and tried to close it quickly. Rosalie was used to horrified rejection and stuck her foot in the doorway. She crawled around the door frame like an alien invading a ship.
Bella pretended just then to see her for the first time and overcompensated with niceness, "Oh Rosalie, fancy seeing you here. Spot of tea?"
Bella had no crapping idea why the nice version of herself was British.
Rosalie dragged her black wedding dress in behind her and thrust it at Bella.
She had no choice but to grab the hanger it was on.
"Um, yes, your dress. Do I owe you money for Edward's pocket knife alterations?" Bella squinted her eyes, waiting for the one or two word smack down.
Rosalie walked over to Bella's calendar and pointed at her wedding date. Bella had decorated the little box with free-handed sketches of Edward's balls. Then Rosalie pointed to the dress and then Bella.
Bella wished she sucked more at charades when she blurted out. "You want me to wear this dress to my wedding?"
Rosalie nodded. Through the open door, rolled That Bitch is Screwed, Rosalie's two legged cat. Steve the Cat prowled the hallways now, living between Mr. and Mrs. The King's apartment and Bella's. Steve also found That Bitch is Screwed's lack of ears and some of her legs quite appealing. He was often witnessed trying to hump the bejeesus out of the Rosalie's feline.
"Um, I kind of promised Edward I would wear white." Bella shrugged, hoping that Rosalie would understand.
The fact that the dress had taken one trip down the aisle and been on numerous dates with Emmett and Rose already wasn't the problem. She could even get over the color if she didn't know that both Alice and Rosalie had sex in the same dress.
Bella was afraid the stupid thing hadn't been laundered and that possibly the sperms from Jasper and Emmett were still hanging out on the lace like old men waiting for a bus. And she was afraid that bus would be her vagina. And her vagina would totally be handicap equipped with the massive lowering hydraulic mechanism.
Where was she? Oh, right.
"So, you better take this back to your place and keep it safe." Bella held the dress away from her body and tried to ignore the mews of pleasure from the screwing cats.
Rosalie crossed her arms and shook her head. Bella didn't know how else to fight for her right to party in a dress that wouldn't get her knocked up by possibly three men. She shrugged and offered a limp, weak-backed, "Thanks then."
And so Bella had her dress.
Alice had decided that she was going to be the wedding's air ambiance designer, which also meant DJ. The playlist was eerily reminiscent to last years "Kidz Bop" album. Bella had no idea what her wedding song was going to be, but she was scared.
Mrs. The King and Mr. The King had declared that they would be filming the wedding night for research purposes, which Bella flat out refused, but neither of the Kings appeared to hear her.
Bella sighed as she painted her nails red. At least it would be all over on Sunday morning. At the end of it all, despite the weirdness she was sure would pile up like a wayward bunch of autumn leaves around her, she would be Mrs. Edward Isabella Swan Cullen the first.
Bella's phone alerted her to a tweet from her Edward.
(a) Vamper_Sex Hello beautiful wife-to-be. I just picked up your wedding ring!
(a) 06201984M358 I've had yours for a while.
Bella had actually purchased a wedding ring for Edward after their second date. She pulled out of its place in her bra and stroked it lovingly.
(a) Vamper_sex Okay, look away so I can tell the followers what the inscription says.
(a) 06201984M358 Fine, eyes closed.
Bella was lying. She refreshed her page until she saw his new tweets:
I had the jeweler inscribe something very meaningful to my sweet fiancée.
Bella squirmed as she imagined what lovely poetry he would write to her, words she would keep on her body forever.
She and I met over the wondrous drug GYNAZOLE, so I had the UPC code for the product engraved on the band.
Bella felt her dreams get punched in the tits by her reality. Damn it. Well, at least the crazy numbers would be on the inside and she would never have to explain them to everyone. He tweeted again.
I had UPC 40559 03305 placed tastefully on her outside band so she can always look down and remember the day we met.
Bella began banging her head against her computer screen just as Steve the Cat came like a monster in That Bitch is Screwed. She really was this time.
So her wedding band was going to be littered with numbers to a yeast infection cream instead of diamonds. Bella looked from the black sperm dress to the panting spent cats back to computer screen.
She needed a break. She needed to freak out. Bella wanted to elope so bad she could almost taste it. Stomping out the door and closing it behind her, Bella decided to get a breath of fresh air.
The parking lot outside her apartment building was slightly damp, just like the cats upstairs. Her hair fell around her face as she looked at her sneakers. Worrying might give her a zit, and that would suck on her wedding day. If maybe she could keep a low profile for tonight and Saturday, she might be able to avoid anymore interlopers.
A car pulled up in front of Bella and she should have been more surprised that it was her own vehicle, but she wasn't.
Emmett lowered the window and looked her up and down. "Well, short tits, how's the wedding planning going? Crapping your pants with nerves yet?"
"Just don't offer to do anything for me or to me or around me." Bella crossed her arms and tried not to smile at her stupid friend.
"Get in, I'll take you for a ride in this sweet piece of metal. I'll drive it like I stole it." Emmett's two dimples invited her in.
"You did steal it, knuckle dragger." Bella moved around to the passenger side and got in.
Emmett took off before she could even get her door shut. After driving with very purposeful intention and merging onto the highway, Bella had to ask, "What the hell are you doing?"
He shrugged and locked eyes with her, "I have a present for you. Well, I have something to show you that you kind of inspired."
Below is the LOOOG teaser. The chapter has been set to beta and I will get that to you as soon as it is ready.

"Is this some awful, convoluted wedding present? Does Rosalie know about it?" Bella pushed her hair out of her eyes and looked in her backseat. She spied a set of luggage and a vat of Slim Jims. "Emmett!"
"No, Rosalie doesn't know. Yes, it's a wedding present. Can you just relax for a damn minute? Trust me." He turned up the radio and tuned her out.
Shaking her head, Bella sighed. Emmett was a stubborn son of a bitch, but letting go for a little while sounded appealing. She rested her head on the cold passenger window and closed her eyes, the last thing she thought was that it was a pretty Friday night and she had left her cell phone on her computer desk.
The sun opened Bella's eyes, begging her brain to make contact with her body. It took a minute for Bella to remember what the hell she was doing squinched up in her passenger seat. Her car was still moving, and Emmett had three Slim Jim's hanging out of his mouth.
Every muscle in her body felt like it had turned into dead toffee overnight.
"Emmett, what the hell? Where are we?" Bella began slapping his arm as he covered his mouth to protect his Slim Jims. It all came crashing into her head at once. His late in the game love for her, his hatred of her Pharmacist.
"Emmett Marie Green Balls McCarty are you KIDDNAPPING me the day before my goddamn wedding?"

Virgin Corrupted by shelikesthesound
Banner by DivineInspiration


Edward hates his job, coworkers, and just about everyone else—except for Bella Swan. She’s the new girl in the HR department, and according to him, out of his league. A repair call put him in proximity of his dream girl. Will things heat up, or does Edward prove that he’s nothing more than a computer geek?


She eyed me, making me feel like a child. “Edward, you need to get out there and find a girl. You’re not getting any younger, you know. Besides, Lauren has child-bearing hips. She would have no trouble…” Mom argued. 

“Whoa!” I yelled. “I haven’t even agreed to a date, and you have her pregnant? Didn’t Jazz give you enough grandkids already?”

“You know I love those kids, but I want my baby boy to have some of his own, too.”

I rolled my eyes. I had thought, when Jasper, and his wife Alice, had started having children, my mother’s obsession with marrying me off would fade. However, I had no such luck. My brother and his wife had six kids, with Alice about to deliver her seventh. It seemed each addition to my brother’s brood caused my mother to become more determined to find me a girl.

Jasper was the favorite—there was no question about it. Having all of those children had cemented his place. The fact that Alice was a good Catholic girl who didn’t believe in birth control had probably contributed to it, too. All I knew was mom celebrated each baby they had like it was the second coming, and Alice’s clown car vagina was the Holy Grail. 

“Uh, I’ll just go downstairs until supper is done,” I muttered, inching toward the basement door. I was dying to get to my room, so I could shake my crazy mother. 

“Just think about it honey,” she said with a smile. 

“Uh, sure,” I lied and made my exit.

By Shadowed By Passion
Banner By UNF4Rob
I laid in bed the rest of the week thinking. I could be a cop, but I could get shot. I could be a lawyer, but my father was a lawyer and I saw how that turned out. I could be a doctor like Carlisle, but blood in excess made me kind of nauseated. I could go in to the Army and serve our country, but again, 
I could be shot, or blown up. I wanted something that helped the greater good, and would give me a purpose, without getting me shot, sick or making me my father. 

Like clockwork, Esme was back in my room exactly one week later. Other than dinner, I hardly saw her. She was at work by the time I was up and  unless I was eating, peeing or showering, I stayed in my room. This was the only time I welcomed her in. Carlisle was only welcomed in when he was checking my burns.
“So, Edward, have you thought about my question?”
“Yes I have,” I said with a bit of excitement.
“Well that is great to hear. This is the first time I have heard you excited about anything in a while.”
“Well I decided I want to do something with my life that will give me worth. Maybe I can right my wrongs.”
“Edward, you haven’t done any wrong in your life.”
“I have,” I said as I lowered my head. I didn’t care what Esme had to say, I had done plenty wrong.
“I have the right to my opinion as you do too, but that is neither here nor there. It is the past and we are working on the present and future. What have you decided?”
“I don’t know how you will take this.”
“Edward, if it makes you happy, it will make me happy.”
“Well, I looked online…yanno, to see what I have to do after graduation to do this.”
“So you have really put thought into this?”
“That makes me happy to. So what did you decide?”
“I want…I want to be a fireman. I am going to join the summer course for the testing and the physical tests next summer after graduation.”
“A fireman?” Esme asked concerned.
“Are you sure that is the best idea?”
“I’ve already been through and survived a fire without equipment and training, plus it will be the best way to fix my past in my mind.”
“Edward, do you mind if I have Carlisle talk to you about this to?”
“I don’t care, but my mind is made up. I have signed up. I am going to be a fireman.”
“No buts, you told me if it made me happy, you would be happy for me.”

Defeat covered Esme’s face.
She walked from my room, without giving me my typical kiss on the forehead.
I laid back on my bed, sure that Carlisle was soon to me coming in.
About an hour later, there was a knock at the door.
“Edward, we should talk,” Carlisle said as he walked in the door.
“There is nothing to talk about. My mind is made up.”
“I understand that, but the risks. I want you to understand them.”
“I do. I have been there. I just want to find something that will make all I have been through this last year worth it all, and this, this will be it. I will be able to save people that otherwise might have been lost. Please support me.”
“We will, Edward. We just worry for you. You are like a son to us. We just want you to find the happiness you should have always been warranted.”
“This will make me happy.”
“Then you have our support and love.” Carlisle broke the distance between us and sat next to me on the bed, before hugging me.
“I miss her too. I know this has been beyond hard for you.”
I sniffled as I tried to hold back my tears. I hugged my uncle tighter. Part of me found resolve in knowing I had their support but the other part still echoed my father’s words that I was no good and I was worthless.
Carlisle held me for what felt like hours until both of our tears ran dry. It was the only contact I had had with my uncle since I came to live with them that was on a Doctor/patient basis. Part of me felt be blamed me too for what happened.
“Edward, you will find yourself in this. I hope that you are able to heal and move on,” Carlisle said as he gave me one last tight squeeze before letting me go. 

Exit Wounds 

By Scarlett
Banner by UNF4Rob 

On her way home, Bella stumbles across a dying, bleeding man, who speaks to her in a small dark alley way. Little does she know,  the killer is watching. Soon she starts receiving threats and attempts on her life.
Edward Cullen is an FBI agent who will stop at nothing to bring the killer to justice. Now that Bella's life is in danger, he vows protect her at all costs even if it means his life. 

People always say that things happen when you least expect it. And that everything happens for a reason. Whoever said that must of had me in mind.
 Just two months ago I was your normal 24 year old girl. I worked in a mundane waitressing job, struggling to pay my rent and trying to obtain my degree in college. However, it all turned to shit when I decided to take a little detour through an alley way on my way home one night and I stumbled across a dying, bleeding man. Me, being the person I am, ran to him and tried to help him and called 911. Little did I know that the killer was still there, hiding in the shadows...watching. 
Edward Cullen is the FBI agent assigned to my case. Not only is he my protector but also the love of my life. While it's only been two months, much has happened in that time. Almost seems as though it's been longer. Together, Edward and I are doing the best we can to beat this executioner at his own game. One thing is certain, I hope this killer is caught soon for I an certain this murderer believes
I know his true identity and will stop at nothing until I am silenced.

Title: Stolen Moments
Author: Tkegl
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Summary: On the night before her birthday - every year for as long as she could remember - Bella has dreamed of him. But with the morning light the dreams would always fade away, as dreams are known to do. How could she fall in love with a figment of her own imagination? Can Bella build a life in the real world...if it means giving up the only one who really makes her feel alive?
When I was thirteen, something changed…a subtle shift that, at the time, I couldn’t put my finger on.

“I mean, I don’t know what the big deal is anyway,” I told him as we sat on a dock, dangling our feet in a clear mountain lake. “It’s just a kiss.”

I was bemoaning the fact that my two best friends, Angela and Jessica, had been bragging about receiving their first kisses behind the gym at school.

Edward shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t think I’d even want to kiss any of the girls at my school anyway.”

I slid him a sideways glance. “So you’ve never…you haven’t kissed a girl?”

“Nah,” he replied, flinging a rock and skipping it across the surface of the lake.

“Six. Nice.” I complimented his rock-skipping ability.

“Have you?” he asked.

“Have I what?”

He huffed in irritation. “Kissed a boy?”

“Oh.” I felt my cheeks redden. “No.”

“Huh,” he said. He threw another rock. “Do you wanna?”

I bit my lip. “I don’t know…I guess…maybe…just to see what it’s like.” I swung my feet in the water and watched the ripples flow outward, peeking at him out of the corner of my eye. “Do you?”

He shrugged again. “Maybe.”

We sat in silence for a while and it felt like the air grew thicker around us. Butterflies swirled in my stomach and my heart started to hammer in my chest. It pounded so loudly I wondered if he could hear it.

Suddenly, the white hawk shrieked above us and I let out a heavy breath, feeling a surge of disappointment.

I turned to him to say goodbye…and was met by the feel of Edward’s chapped lips pressing on mine. His eyes were wide open, staring at me almost in surprise. I gasped as he pulled back a bit, then leaned in again to kiss me again softly.

I felt tingles racing through my body as he sat back again, observing me unblinkingly.

“Bye,” he breathed, before I woke once again in my bed, touching my fingers against my lips in wonder.


Title: Cenibella; un outtake de: La Nana Swan
Category: Books » Twilight
Author: Aye436
Language: Spanish, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Humor

un outtake de: La Nana Swan

Summary: Érase una vez… a veces las historias tienen sus propios cuentos, de los que nadie sabe o ha escuchado. Así es como La Nana Swan comparte sus outtakes… AH

Disclaimer: Los nombres de los personajes de Crepúsculo © son propiedad de Stephenie Meyer, Alfaguara Juvenil, Little Brown Editions y Summit Entertainment. La trama es obra y gracia de mi loca cabeza.

Dios, un par de niños me dicen cómo contar mis historias. ¡Esto es el colmo!
—¡No, el colmo es de que Bella y papi aún no se besan, y en la historia original ya llevas casi treinta capítulos! —contesta enojado el niño.
Eh, no odien a la autora. Dios, los personajes cada vez están más descontrolados, mejor dicho los niños, los niños de hoy no tienen límites.
—Tenemos límites, y si por nosotros fuera papá ya estaría casado con Bella— anunció cantarinamente la niña.
Estas diciendo que, si esta historia la contaran ustedes sería… ¿distinta?
—Sipididín, es más Bella sería una Princesa y papá el Príncipe.
Ustedes se juntan mucho con Alice…

I Just Had to Fall
by Skeezon

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The setting is Manhattan, 1924. Prohibition is in effect and yet some determined souls find themselves content among the secretive speakeasies. Bella, rebelling from a love lost in the war, enjoys the thrill of wrongdoing and the mellow ambiance. She meets a smooth-voiced Jazz singer named Edward, who wants what all red-blooded American men want, a dame of his own.


Title: Where I Grew Up
Penname: Babygirl49392
Pairing: Jasper/Alice
Rating: M for Adult Language, Underage Drinking, and Drunk Driving.
Summary: Everyone has a home, a place they were raised, where all their childhood memories are filled and consumed. But that isn't necessarily where you grow up. Ask me where I'm from or was raised, and I'll answer simply, without hesitation, Wichita Falls, Texas. Ask me where I grew up, well, that brings about an entirely different set of answers. WARNING: Have tissues handy as the will mostly likely be needed.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything or anyone publicly recognizable. Stephanie Meyer owns all things Twilight. I do own this plot and story however. And no copyright infringement is intended.
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            Another thirty minutes passes and we’re driving through the center of the small town where I was raised. With the rustle of movement beside me, I glance over and briefly meet her soft blue eyes and give her the smile she loves so much. With a small intake of breath and soft clearing of her throat, she speaks the first words spoken in hours.
            “Babe, can we stop somewhere soon. I have to pee.” With a chuckle, I bring her hand up and lay a soft kiss there again before I see the last gas station just up the road and nod to her. She releases my hand with a brief squeeze before starting to get her purse together.
            After filling up with gas and getting more snacks, and her relieving her smashed bladder, we’re back on the road. And from all the times riding down, and later driving, these roads, I know that we’ll be pulling up to our destination in less than thirty minutes.
            We continue riding in comfortable silence, her munching out her jerky and me humming with the radio again. About fifteen minutes in, we come to the last turn off, and I take a sudden deep breath with a sharp gasp as the memory floods my mind, one that I repressed so much I hadn’t even thought about it much since that week immediately following the accident.

By: His_Singer1
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Summary- Everything was a mess; my heart , his heart , this whole relationship. it all started when he cheated

"Bella" He called
I looked at him not sure what my face looked like
 “are you ok what’s wrong?”  he asked coming closer I just shook my head and looked down at the phone
he followed my gaze “Bella?” he asked
I found my voice    “ just read the text and please tell me this is a joke” I whispered 
he picked up the phone and read it silently he didn’t say a word he didn’t have to though his face and eyes said it all; he looked guilty he looked like got caught.

By: Welcome2MyWorldxoxo

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Summary: Ward and Bell are Elfins living on a planet called Soumrak where the inhabitants have the ability to shift into a stronger, more dominant form, which is an animal. It details the mating and general life of the inhabitants.


Far, far away in the Quadrone Galaxy sits a planet known as Soumrak-otherwise known in English as the 'Dawn of Night.' It is one of te few planets that have water and plant life
At a quick glance, the inhabitants look rather similar to the inhabitants you would find on Planet Earth, except for their pointed ears and pale, almost white, skin. But for those who take the time to study them they will find that these people were not nearly as simple as humankind. The inhabitants-also known as Elfins-have the ability to shift from their Elfin form to their other, stronger, more dominant form, which is an animal. Their animal is their baser side, a side used to hunt, dominate, and seek out a mate.
But enough of tha drival. Today I am going to share with you a story about how love can manifest in even the furthest planets.


Title: Unanswered Prayers (based on the Garth Brooks song by the same name)
Author: kare831
Banner made by: vbfb19
Characters: Jasper & Alice
Jasper grew up in a small rural town in Georgia. He helped out on a family friends' ranch falling in love with his high school sweetheart. When she leaves with nothing but a letter he knows it wasn't love at all. During college he meets a beautiful bundle of joy who eventually grabs his heart and holds on. Jasper realizes how thankful he is that his prayers for a happy life with one woman had gone unanswered and immediately knew he had been praying for the wrong woman all along…

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Título:   De Bribón a Agente un outtake de Second Life
Rated: M
Disclaimer/ Renuncia: Los personajes, ya los conocen le pertenecen a la genio S. Meyer, yo sólo me divierto con un vistazo a la vida de Edward antes de ser Agente Federal.
Summary/Resumen: Un asesino anda suelto, los federales le siguen el rastro y el genio será  el eslabón que los lleve a frenar la masacre. ¿Un genio o un delincuente? La diferencia está en el lado que decides trabajar.
De Bribón a Agente
Siempre era igual para Edward, no podía resistirse a los retos. Desde niño había pasado, la escuela siempre fue un reto para él, por eso la superó en tan corto tiempo pasando de grados hasta que tuvieron que mandarlo a una escuela especial. Aprendió desde niño a defenderse de los golpes pidiéndole a su padre que lo inscribiera en clases de defensa personal, hoy día podría defenderse solo, aunque en apariencia no lo pareciera.
Llegó a su dormitorio y se sentó frente a su computador, entrar en una red gubernamental y segura no era necesariamente difícil, el problema era que te descubrieran. La CIA, el FBI y otras agencias habían creado excelentes programas para captar infractores, por lo que tenía que contrarrestarlas antes de que pudiese siquiera acercarse a la programación central, se traqueó los dedos y empezó a programar.
―Señor Edward Masen.
―Sí, soy yo.
― Acompáñenos por favor.
― ¿Y usted es? ― preguntó Edward a la defensiva.
― El agente Wilson del FBI, haga el favor de acompañarme, mi superior tiene unas preguntas que hacerle.
― ¡Demonios! ― pensó para sí.


Title : 26 Elephants - 
The not really true story of one diehard fangirl’s journey behind the elusive red velvet rope. 
Author - Robrator

Synopsis - When Billie Swinne finally gets her chance to get up close and personal with her no 1 celeb crush Jasper Pattinson, star of the No 1 hit movie series, Draco Cullen’s Diaries and also base player for the No 1 rock band in the world - 26 Elephants - will she finally get the chance to live out her dream? Or will she be left crushed at the bottom of the fangirl pile?


Author:  True Love Way - Outtake
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Bella wanted sex at fourteen. At fifteen I was still evading and out-maneuvering her sneaky advances. Kids these days, they're not as smart as Bella and I were at their age. Layla's depression isn't as unstable as Bella's, but I wouldn't put it past this little motherf%*ker to take advantage of her when she is vulnerable. This Boy, Conner, he isn't anything like I was. I knew how to handle Bella. What the fuck does he know?


Author: ElektraLane 
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Emmett and Rosalie finally have a baby after being married for 10 years. Rosalie is a vain and selfish person by her own definition. Will having a child born with a severe birth defect change her outtake on life and herself? Will Emmett be able to cope along with Rose and bring them closer together? Join Rosalie and Emmett McCarty as they take on one of life's hardest challenges a parent can face.


by: ShellWRX
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Summary: Bella Swan is a focused art student utilizing the early morning open studio hours to finish a watercolor painting for one of her classes at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco when an 8.1 earthquake rocks Northern California at 7:28 a.m. The tragedy and destruction she is faced with quickly puts into perspective her priorities in life. She suddenly realizes just how alone she is in the world, and that the one person who’s comforting embrace she craves more than anything is the same person that she has pushed away.


Day 1 – 6:05 a.m.
It was a typical brisk, foggy morning in San Francisco as Bella Swan made her way down the three steep blocks from her tiny shared apartment provided by campus housing to the New Montgomery Street location of the Academy of Art University. She pulled her cobalt blue pea coat tight across her chest over her colorful hand knitted scarf in an effort to fight off the chill in the air.

She made a stop at her favorite little hole in the wall coffee shop directly across the street from the main university building to acquire her daily caffeine fix. Juggling her steaming cup of coffee in one hand and her black art portfolio in the other with her messenger bag slung haphazardly over her shoulder, she waited eagerly for the doors to be unlocked so she could get a jump on her current project.

Mrs. Cope, a portly older woman who worked in the admissions office, showed up moments later and let her in. Bella’s black leather heeled boots clicked on the sleek marble flooring causing an echo throughout the empty lobby as she made her way to the elevator. 

She watched the bright numbers above the stainless steel doors tick off her assent. The elevator chimed acknowledging her arrival on the fifth floor where the assigned studio for her watercolor class was located.

The corner room, NM-505, had a surplus of windows that allowed for plenty of natural sunlight during the day. However, at this early hour the low fog that encased the city gave Bella an eerie feeling of impending doom as she entered. The overhead fluorescent lights hummed to life as she headed to the far wooden easel that she had long ago claimed as hers for the semester. After unloading her supplies she hung her coat on an old coat tree by the door in favor of her assigned generic painting smock.

She filled an old mason jar with water and selected her preferred sable paint brushes best suited for the task at hand. The heavy weight watercolor paper was propped up on the sturdy easel along with her palette of paints. Perched on the cold metal stool in front of the easel, she took a minute to try and decide where to begin.

After a moment’s hesitation, she plucked her lime green iPod from her bag and popped the bright purple ear buds in her ears. She scrolled through her playlists until she came to one simply titled “EC.” Her thumb faltered over the play button for a moment as she gazed at his initials before lively piano music began to flow from the ear buds.

She dared not think his name or dwell too much on the past, fearing the heartache his absence from her life might dredge up. But for whatever reason his music, which he’d composed solely for her, always brought her some manner of peace and comfort. With that in mind, her round sable brush loaded with the vivid colors of her imagination danced across the stark white paper bringing her most intimate dreams to life.


Title : Who To Trust
Author: beckybrit
Banner by : Rosalynn

There is a serial killer loose in Seattle. Bartender Bella Swan must choose between her friend Jacob Black, and her lover Edward Cullen. Both men accuse the other of commiting these awful crimes and when the evidence begins to mount up, she must decide who to trust.

Up ahead she could see the streetlights of her road, the welcoming light calling out to her to hurry the fuck up and get to the relative safety it provided. She breathed a deep sigh of relief as she rounded the corner, only to have it turn into a muffled scream as a large gloved hand clamped over her mouth and dragged her back into the dark. She struggled, using all her strength to try and get out of his grasp, she knew it was a he from the prominent bulge pressing into her back, but he was just too powerful.

He continued to drag her backwards, finally stopping in a pitch black side alley. He hadn't said a word this whole time. All she could hear was his even breathing close to her ear, and the rapid thump of her heart as it attempted to keep up with the terror flooding her body. He pulled her roughly against him, tilting her head back sharply and exposing her long slender neck. Her last thought as he slid the knife across her throat was of her parents; she hoped her body would be found so they'd have something to bury.

He held her onto tightly, as the life slipped out of her and pooled onto the hard stone floor, reveling in the immense feeling of power that he held in his hands, for that one moment. That was the reason he did this, to know that he alone had the power to take her life or let her go. He never let them go though, and he never would. He allowed her now lifeless form to drop unceremoniously to the floor. It held no appeal now she was gone and as he walked swiftly away into the night he was already thinking about his next kill.

 Title: Life In A Glass PrisonPenname: LiveInDakota
Banner Made by: vbfb19

Summary: Sexy, brooding Edward Cullen is known worldwide, the most famous bachelor to date, but just what is he hiding in plain sight? Drugs, drink, women and lies are only the tip of his dark persona, but when Bella Swan weaves her way into his world, she brings out his anger and years of memories he tried to forget. The road to ruin might prove fatally short for this struggling musician. Rated M for Pianoward and language.


I stopped dead in my tracks when I got there, however, because I simply had to be seeing things. My luck was never this good. She was sitting there, all alone, as if fate was begging me to join her. This was my fucking chance. My disappointment only rose, though, when I sat down and she completely ignored my presence. Something told me it would be good for me to actually work for what I wanted for once.

The barman set her drink down in front of her, and she mumbled her thanks into the bartop, not even bothering to lift her head. Maybe it wasn’t just me she was ignoring. My spirits lifted when I realized she might have genuinely missed the fact she now had company, and that thought made me chuckle.
Her head snapped up, and her jaw dropped when her eyes locked on me. I guess she knew she had company now – exactly who her company was, too, by the looks of it.
Her deep brown eyes travelled over my face, down my neck and over my arms, making the hairs there stand at attention. Where blatant ogling had always got my back up, I welcomed it from her, her sweet expression – beneath the shock – set me at ease.
Wanting to keep up a conversation of sorts, and not scare her away, I asked the first thing I could think of – maybe because it corresponded with how I was feeling. “Bad day?”
Her eyes zapped back to mine and I swear to fucking God I heard her whimper. When she didn’t answer me I battled the hurt that was building in me and ordered a scotch from the hovering barman. Why the fuck did it matter so much if she didn’t want to talk to me? Maybe it was because I had built her up in my head – I didn’t want her acting starstruck like every other floosy I came across.
 Title: Let It Be Me
Author: Beautiful Figment
Pairing: Jasper and Edward
Summary: Edward is a lonesome outcast. Jasper wants to be the friend he so desperately needs. What will Edward want when he discovers that Jasper isn't quite human?


"Rooftop Confessions: The Chase Date"
written by: babylopez2008
banner made by: FrozenSoldier
Summary: Bella and Edward meet on a rooftop one night. Can Edward help her overcome a fear dealing with her past?
"The Chase Date" is a continuation of "Rooftop Confessions" that I hadn't intended so far to continue. Will I need to whip up a different summary? Or add in the first part of the story with the continuation?
"Wow, that's not bad at all. I would love to live in apartment building with that many people." I sighed wistfully. Being in my career doesn't leave me much time to live in a house or apartment. I love my job and all, but nothing can beat having your own place to relax where people can't bother you and you can keep it as clean or dirty as you want.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. This apartment was practically a steal when I got it. It was the only one in my price range and I had to beat out two other applicants."

I quickly stopped in the doorway of her living room and faced her. "What do you mean you had to beat them? How did you you?"

She had a serious look in her eyes that made my want to shudder, but I held firm. "If I told you, then I'd have to kill you."

I felt my face turn as a white as ghost and slumped to the couch. When I did, Bella burst out laughing, making me jump in surprise. Was my reaction that funny? I mean, it's possible since she's a cop and knows places to bury a body or make a person disappear. Oh for the love of the Oscars-

"You're totally shitting me, aren't you?" I asked. She nodded, tears falling down her smiling face.

This is what happens when you watch too many CSI shows and detective movies for research. You start becoming unconsciously paranoid and automatically thinking the worse. You'd think being an actor would make me know if people were "acting", but unfortunately I can only do that with fellow actors.

A few more giggles escaped as Bella wiped the tears away, her brown eyes shining beautifully at me.

"Oh, Edward. I never would've thought that I could make you think that I was a killer. And for a apartment no less!" I harrumphed and crossed my arms. She was very convincing and I could tell that she's a great interrogator
by: LadyTazz
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Summary: Bella is a romance novelist and meets Victoria, a fan of hers, on twitter. They become fast friends. At least, that's what Bella thinks. Victoria becomes obsessed with everything Bella has; even her husband, Edward.


I was singing with the blaring music as I drove when my cell phone rang. I hit the answer button on the steering wheel.


“Hey Bella. Are you on the way to the beach house?”

“Yes Alice, I am. Why?” I asked, knowing she is up to something.

“Well, Rose and I were thinking about coming up tomorrow night. Now Bella, before you say no, you still will have all day to write, and we would bring dinner and booze.”

“Alice, I don't know. I have a deadline to make.”

“A deadline? That is laughable and you know it. They will get the damn manuscript when it's done. Don't they realize you are a New York Times best selling author?"

I laughed. “If I want to stay a best selling author, I need to finish this book.”

“How hard is it to write smut? You should be able to write that stuff in no time.”

“It's not as easy as you make it sound. Anyone can write smut, but for a good story there needs to be stimulating characters who the readers can embrace and sympathize with, not to mention a good plot.”

“Ya, ya, ya. What you do is so hard.”

“Whatever, I'm sorry I don't have a job like you. All you do is shop for living.”

“Hey, I happen to be the best damn buyer Bloomingdale's has ever had.”

I giggled. “I'm almost to the beach house. So, I guess I'll see you and Rose tomorrow night?”

“We will have so much fun! A grownup slumber party!”
“Bye Alice.”


He Calls Me Leah Now
by idealskeptic
banner by evieeden
Summary: Sam and Emily are getting married the summer after the last events of Breaking Dawn and Leah is the maid of honor. Why does she pick that particular day to grow up and put other people before herself? Because she's ready to leave Lee-Lee behind and become Leah once and for all.
Sam followed me outside and stopped me from walking away.

“Am I in trouble for talking to Dr. Cullen?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“No, not at all,” he assured me as he led me into the trees that ringed Billy’s house. “I’m proud of you for doing it on your own. Are you okay, Leah?”

“About the wedding? Yeah, I’m fine. I get it all now, Sam. I get why you fell in love with her and I get why you couldn’t love me that way. I’m sorry that I made it so hard for you for so long.”

He shook his head and sighed. “You’ve apologized too much today, Leah. I forgive you and I don’t blame you.” He laughed and shook his head again. “All this apologizing, I’m starting to wonder if you’re really Leah at all.”

“I feel like I’m having an out of body experience,” I admitted, laughing along with him. It felt really, really good to laugh with him. “But maybe I’m just growing up after all, despite my very best efforts to remain a selfish, moody shrew.”

“Stop being so hard on yourself,” he ordered me, smiling just the same. “You got dealt a crap hand. Maybe you could have handled it just a little better, but you’re not a shrew. Not at all.”

“Is that an order, alpha dog?” I countered jokingly to lighten the moment before it got too heavy.


Second Chances by jacndaniel
Banner by Jaime Arkin
“What do you mean Tanya is sick? I thought we had covered this already. You said you were done, you said you were ready to make this” I indicate the space between us trying to hold back my tears. “real. Make us real.”

“Bella, she’s dying. You want to me to leave her now, when I know that she is dying?” he scrubs his hands over his face in frustration. “I’m not heartless. She’s my wife for Christ’s sake!”

“Do I want you to leave her now? No, Edward! I wanted you to leave her yesterday! Last week... last fucking year!” The drink in my hand hits the wall above his head, he ducks and then runs at me, tackling me onto the bed.

His hands cradle my face. “Baby, please calm down. You have to understand why I can’t walk away now. You do understand, don’t you? You can’t blame me for not wanting to leaver now.” Tears make their way down his face and mix with mine when they fall onto my cheeks.

“And you have to understand why I have to walk away from you now.” I say as a sob rips through my chest. The pain is almost unbearable as I feel the weight of my statement press down on me. I move out from under him, and collect my bags that sit on the floor.

Edward calls out to me as I reach the door. “Don’t do this, Bella. Throwing it all away now would be ridiculous.”

I turn to him with my hand still on the door knob. “6 years, Edward. I gave you 6 years, and I don’t have anything else to give. You’ve taken it all, and you’ve given me nothing in return. Time’s up, baby. Good bye.” Walking out the door of our hotel room is the hardest thing I’ve done in my entire life.

The intense memory of my last moments with Edward flood my mind as I head towards home for the first time in over 5 years. Home. Could I even call it that anymore? I’ve been dreading this moment since I received the invitation in the mail 8 months ago. I knew I would never miss my brother Emmett’s  wedding, and I still hated him for bringing me back to this place. He knew it would kill me to see Edward again, and since Emmett was marrying Edward’s sister I knew that seeing him is inevitable. I’m terrified.

I pull into the driveway of my parent’s house and I get choked up when I see my father’s car parked there. I’ve been worried about what this trip would make me feel, the only thing that I know for sure is that I have definitely missed my parents. I know that I have kind of broken their hearts by staying away, but the alternative was unfathomable.

I step out of the car I rented at the airport in Seattle and stare up at my childhood home. I hear a throat clear and find my father looking down at me. “It’s been a long time, Bells. I didn’t think you would actually show up.” He smiles the smile that makes all of my troubles melt away. He’s my daddy, and I’m safe here.


Better Than Revenge!
 By Jen: pen name: danzgrl23
"He never told me what classes he has, but maybe you guys can become friends."

"That would be nice if we all became friends and could hang out together."

"Did you have a boyfriend when you live in Phoenix?"

"Yeah, I did; his name was Tyler Crowley."

All during class, Edward and I talked. He asked me all kinds of questions; I thought that our teacher would be mad at us, but he didn't pay attention. It didn’t really matter today anyway, since it was a movie that he showed us. Like we were interested in it anyway. So, Edward and I got to know each other more. He was as handsome as Tyler was. He also had a sense of humor. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was trying to reach for my hand. So I smiled at him. He moved his hand toward mine and our fingers intertwined with each other’s. That’s when sparks started to fly.  I didn't know what I was doing, I just moved here and on my first day I met someone.

"Bella, I was wondering if you like to hang out after school."

"I would love to, but I already have something to do."

"Well, then, another time."

"I'll take you up on the offer."

We suddenly smiled at each other.  The bell rang for our next class. We rose from our seats, he took my hand and we both walked together to class; his class was two doors down from mine, and as we approached my class, there stood Alice with her arms crossed.What? She doesn't want me to be with her brother? It's my choice who to be with. He pulled me closer to him and we hugged while Alice was standing there watching us.

"Come on, Bella."

"Alright, alright, I’m coming."

"I will meet you after class."Edward said.

"Okay, bye."

I went with Alice inside the room. As we entered the room, everyone was staring at me. Alice just led me to her desk as I took the one next to hers. As I was talking to Alice, someone tapped me on the back. I turned around to see a girl with light brown hair staring at me. I wondered why she was staring at me.

"What are you staring at?"

"Oh sorry, you must be the new girl."

"Yes, I'm Bella."

“Welcome to Forks High, I'm Jessica."

"Nice to meet you."

I turned around just as our teacher came in. She seemed like a nice teacher. Anyway, I'm glad Alice and I  had a few classes together. But I am glad Edward does, too. All during class I was thinking about Edward, I know I just met him, but I really like him. I felt Alice's hand on my shoulder, pulling me out of my daydream.

"Bella, would you please stop thinking about my brother?" Alice asked.

"Why are you telling me that I shouldn't see your brother?" I answered.

"He  just not your type."

"How do you know that?

"I know everything, plus he's just isn't your type."

I couldn't wait to see him. This class went so slowly. But the good thing is math is my strongest subject. I have to stop thinking about him and move on. Anyways class went smooth but it was slowly. It was only a few minutes left in class then it time for lunch. I was gathering my books together. Alice just watched me. As the bell rang I jumped out of my seat and walked as quickly  as I could. As I open the door I seen Edward walking to meet me.

Alice looked disappointment that I didn't listen to her. But I like him so she couldn't stop me from seeing him. She's not my mother or I'll do what I like to do. That's that. Edward and I walked to the cafeteria hand and hand.


The Purple Heart
Banner & Story By

Army Case Manager Bella Swan gets a special assignment: helping Sergeant Edward Cullen, a highly decorated soldier who just received the Purple Heart, acclimate back into the peacetime life. But something about this soldier is different. Bella finds herself connecting to Edward in a way she never imagined. They have instant chemistry and she finds herself falling hard for him, and the feeling is mutual. But when something from his past comes to light, it changes everything, and Bella finds herself struggling to believe that anything between them has been real. But Bella and Edward don't have much choice in their destiny together as fate has a plan of it's own.
sunray16 made the banner

Summary: Jasper is trying to deal with life on the road and love. 
Can he have it all, or does he have to choose.

Taking one for the Team by Sazzledazzled
Banner by Evieeden
Bella is madly in love with her boss Edward Cullen – little does she know that he feels the same. When a
lucrative contract which he desperately needs lands in his lap – Just how far will she go to make sure he secures it? 

ExBx?  Romance/ Humour  rated M+ (language and lemons and a little bit of femslash)


"So what do you say Bella? One night with me and your love will get his precious contract."

"I… I… need time to think. You have given me a lot to consider." My hand shook as I reached for my wine glass and took a large gulp.

"Not a problem, take all the time you need. I'm in town for the rest of the week. Call me when you have made your decision but be warned Bella; if you do not decide soon Cullen, Hawkins and Jankowski WILL suffer if I walk away from this… unsatisfied!"

Just a Fling
By CaraNo

Summary: Bella and Rose are in Tokyo before starting college in California, to become photographers, and when Bella loses a bet, she’s to flirt with a guy that Rose decides for her. Edward’s in Tokyo before starting his second year of college in NY, also majoring in photography. Bella’s opener “That’s a great angle” is the beginning of their vacation fling, and they have a week and a half. Will it be enough?
Rating: M for language and lemons.
Teaser in BPOV.
I had to ask. “You called me brown eyes?”
He winked and let go of my hand… only to drape his arm around my shoulders. And then he whispered, closely, in his southern drawl, “You, my darlin’ Bella, have the most gorgeous eyes I ever seen.”
I shivered.
“And you’re obviously drunk, Edward,” I told him.
He chuckled and shook his head at me, but held me closer as we made our way to ‘someplace else’ in the Tokyo night. I stopped, though, once, because Tokyo at night is a sight to behold, and I brought my camera up to take a few shots of a building where the billboards were all full of the same commercial, for a shampoo of all things… but what captured me was the cherry blossom, and I smiled, thinking that I may miss the cherry blossom season in Tokyo, but I sure have photos with a building covered in them.
Edward smiled curiously as I put the camera back in the bag.
I smiled and shrugged. “I wanted a good shot of cherry blossoms.”
I expected him to laugh at me, but he didn’t. Instead he closed our distance, dipped down while cradling my face… and kissed me.

The Story is entitled: In My Life
BY: busymommy

"Though I know I'll never lose affection

For people and things that went before

I know I'll often stop and think about them

In my life I love you more"  by The Beatles

A pregnant Bella is preparing a baby album for her unborn child.  While going through the pictures, she recalls special places, people, and memories associated with each one.  Some memories are sweet, some are painful, but through tears and perseverance and love, all have shaped her life and brought her joy in one way or another, as well as the love she might have never found otherwise. 


I came home and she was putting clothes into a suitcase. The first thing that came to my mind was “fuck my life, she’s leaving me”. I could feel it in the pitch of my empty stomach. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me. And she was leaving. I had no idea what to do.

At least one last time, I thought.

So, I approached her from behind. She breathed deep. We weren’t touching, but I could feel her heat. By the goose bumps on her skin, I knew she could feel me too. My fingers followed a path along her skin from her arms, over her shoulder, to the nape of her neck. I stepped closer; she had stilled what she was doing.

I leaned down and whispered over her ear, “please, girl … don’t. Bella …”

I wish I could say more, but that would not be possible without chocking and making a fool out of myself. Since I was trying to convince her to stay, not to run away for good … I decided to shut up.

She turned to face me, but did nothing to get rid of my grip.

“Edward, we had this conversation earlier. I don’t want to add anything more to hurt-”

Smashing my lips against hers, I kissed her. I didn’t want to hear the words I was sure she was going to say, words to finish me, to break me in pieces, words that would hurt us even further. No way back.

Robstencuteness created this banner for the o/s I'm writing (Aftershock in Japan). Here's a summary: 

Over one year has passed since a natural disaster brought them together. Edward decides to settle down, but Bella is still excited about the challenges and possibilities of her new career. Now a seaquake threatens to break them apart. One-shot for the Fandom Fights Tsunami campaign.

You can catch part I and II below - Aftershock in Japan will be a continuation.

Story : Window of Opportunity by TwiLucy_UK

Banner :
 Thanks to @RileyCalvin for my awesome banner!

Summary : 
A daily commute on the London Tube. An unforgettable mysterious green eyed man. Bella can't look away but does she really want to? Bella & Edward AH. Rated M for language & lemons. One Shot for Fandom Fights Tsunami Contribution.

Tease :

I sat on the same seat each morning, facing the same carriage door window but I hadn't notice this before in the next carriage. Not something, but someone.
A mop of strange bronze coloured hair immediately caught my interest, the colour was so unusual; it glistered in the morning sun. This hair belonged to a man, a rather handsome man.
Lowering my book to my lap, I gazed through the window to study him. His strange bronze coloured hair was unruly as if he'd just got out of bed. His head was bowed in front of him obscuring my view of his forehead and eyes. His straight nose, defined jaw line and pouting lips were divine as my fingers twitched on my book. Realising I was staring, I lowered my gaze and brought my book in front of my face, hiding the pink flush now visible on my cheeks.
God, I really must to desperate to blatantly perv over some random gorgeous man on the tube. I felt my cheeks get hotter as I chastised myself once again. I reached over between my knees to the bottle of water that rested there, unscrewed the cap and took a long gulp; all from my hiding place behind my book.
After I had calmed down enough, I chanced another peek but I was to be disappointed. He was gone.
That was two weeks ago.

Title: "The Beat of My Heart." 
By: Java Momma
Banner Made by : TwistedInMasen

Vampire, she thought again.
Looking at him sprawled on the couch and watching her as though he might pounce upon her, Bella could almost imagine him . . . hunting. Edward patted the small space between himself and the back of the couch, but when she reached him, she pressed against his chest. She knew that she couldn’t push him, but he moved where she wanted him to anyway. When he was lying on his back, she straddled him and lowered her body over his.
She rested her hands over his chest and then leaned her chin against her hands so that she could see his face. He was shaking his head at her in either disbelief or amazement.
“What are you shaking your head at?” she asked, her voice low.
Edward’s breath fanned over her face making her eyes flutter.
“Your reactions are a little off, you know,” he teased. “Most people would hear the word vampire and bolt.”
“You’re not that scary, Mr. Masen,” she said, attempting to sound brave. “You don’t even have fangs. What kind of vampire are you anyway?”
“Not that scary?” He spoke quickly, a growl building in his chest.
As always, the sound aroused Bella, turning her insides to jelly and making her want to rip his sweater off so that she could feel the growl reverberating against her bare hands. Before she realized that he had moved, she was in the air and he was moving over her. She was lying on her back, her hands on his shoulder and his lips millimeters from her neck. It was insane, but the thought of him – his teeth – inches from her pulse point sent desire throbbing through her veins. Lovely, she thought maniacally, now you want the vampire to bite you. Very wise.
“You know, it isn’t very smart to tease the vampire, love,” he purred, driving her already overheated body into a frenzy. “I may feel the need to prove how scary I can be.”
“Perhaps this is further evidence of my insanity,” Bella panted, “but that really turned me on.”

Wrong Number By:  @fallanydeeper
Summary: Bella is asked out on a date by a fellow student at Seattle University. What happens when she takes down his number incorrectly?

Teaser: Have I scared you off again? I hope not. I think this happened for a reason. E x

No, you haven't scared me off :) I was just thinking. B x

About what? E x

Fate. B x

What about fate? E x

Do you believe in it? That everything happens for a reason? B x

I'm beginning to. Is there a reason you're talking in riddles, Bella? E x

Title: Nothing but Duty
Summary: Isabella Swan never thought she'd find herself in this position. Somehow, she always thought her life would turn out differently, she would be the exception, she would marry for love. A little angst, a little love, a little fluff, all tied up with an Empire waist gown. It's the Regency period meets Twilight. Note that this includes non-canon pairings.

“And if I refuse?” she swallowed hard, staring at the back of her father’s head.
“Why would you refuse?” he asked, not turning around. “The Marquess can give you a good home, better than the one you grew up in. You will be presented at court as a Marchioness; you will have anything that your heart desires. Why would you possibly want to refuse?”
“I do not love him!” she cried, “That is why! I love another!”                                                                                      
He spun around. “What on earth are you speaking of, child?”
She bristled at the term. “If I am a child, why do you seek to marry me off to a man?”
“Because it is your duty!” he shouted, his anger coming to the forefront now, “Tell me of this other man! Who is he? Has he claimed you?”
“I...” she stuttered, trying to think coherently through her anger and grief.
Her father did not wait for her to collect her wits, he strode forward, grabbing her by her bare upper arms and shook her. “Tell me! Have you lain with this man?”
“No!” she gasped, shocked that he would think so little of her, “But that does not mean that I do not love him! And he loves me!”
His gaze was piercing, looking back and forth between her eyes as if he was trying to determine if she was lying or not. He must have seen the honesty in her face, she had never lied to him before, because he released her arms and stepped back from her. Her hands came up to her arms, rubbing at the skin that was not covered by her light blue gown.
“Who is he?” he demanded, turning back to the window.
“Edward Masen.”
Charles laughed. “You can never marry Edward Masen.”
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Title: Need You Now

Category: Twilight AU/AH/Canon

Summary: Bella has always been in love with her childhood best friend,
who only saw her as a best friend. What will happen when feelings are
revealed? Will they be together, or will they lose each other forever?

Teaser: "What the fuck are you talking about?" he growled, as he
glared at me. Green eyes, blazing with fire and anger. He was so
angry, so pissed off for the right reasons, yet with the wrong person.
His best friend, his refuge, his guardian angel as he always called.


"I'm talking about Tanya and James, Edward. Both of them are fooling
you. Going behind your back. She doesn't love you; she never did. And
now she's not only giving you mixed and wrong signals, deluding you
with her false love, but she's cheating on you and with James no less,
my boyfriend. For once, open up your big green eyes, and see what's
right in front of you," I yelled, seething myself. How could he be so
blind? How could he not see what she really was? A backstabbing bitch,
who was only after him for his money?

Attached banner made by grrlinterrupted
Title: On the Outskirts
Author: donnersun
Category: Twilight AU/AH/Slash
Summary: Summertime on the North Carolina coast. Sand, salt, music, and moonlight. Set in the 1950s; Carlisle returns home to the beach and home to Edward.
A sticky breeze rolled in off the ocean and the hypnotic thumping of bare feet matched with the banging of piano keys lulled me into a trance. I watched as his fingers danced over the keys and his foot tapped in time to the music. I noticed when he nodded to the trombone to kick up the tempo a notch and when he signaled to the drummer to go easy on the bass for a few bars. The whole thing was orchestrated chaos and he was the conductor. He had complete control over the crowd; he slowed down their gyrations at will and then catapulted them back into a frenzied mass of sweating, throbbing bodies at his leisure. It was a beautiful thing to watch and I found myself growing hard at the thought of him conducting me like that. One song ran into the next and the dancers started to drop off the floor a few at a time. I could tell the rest of the band was getting tired too, but Edward was keyed up and frantic and was still banging away on the poor upright when the trombone player finally inched his way over and shouted something into his ear. Edward seemed to snap out of it and brought the song back down, spiraling into a dirty, brassy finish that seemed more appropriate for a Delta juke joint than for a dance hall in eastern North Carolina.

Author: SweetLovinCullen
Banner made by @RobstenCuteness
SUMMARYBella Swan is an Art History student who keeps herself to herself. Edward Cullen is a trainee doctor who wears his heart on his sleeve. Could an elevator ride and coffee lead to more and help Bella open up?


I shook my head. I was acting like a fan girl and the man wasn’t even famous!
“Yea, I was but I go into my only little world when I have my iPod in”
He laughed and I bit my lip, “I know that all too well, Rose is always calling me up on it”
I felt a pang of jealousy. He had a girlfriend.
Of course he would Bella. I mean look at him.
I sighed. I looked up to the guy to find his eyes raking over my body. A guy with a girlfriend that checks other women out. Nice. NOT! 
“Erm, listen. I know you don’t know me but... would you maybe want to grab a coffee sometime?”


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Title: Running Home
Category: Original Fiction
Summary: Iris and Gabriel have been running wild in the humans world for four centuries, enjoying the freedom that has come from ignoring the Elders advice and living without their rule. But now, after being hunted around the globe, it's time to go back. But will they ever make it when the wolves are after them?


Finally she broke through the trees, and as her breaths gasped out painfully she swept her hand towards the moon, arcing it back behind her. Bright blue flames erupted from the ground. She stopped to catch her breath, hands on her hips as she watched the wolves, that had been fast enough behind her, plough straight through them, coming out as nought but ash at her feet. The others whimpered and howled, before turning tale and running back the way they had come, back to their masters. 

With a heel spin Iris found herself back on the cliff top, hands on hips as she glared down at Gabriel as he appeared to have a staring contest with a field mouse. Huffing she unwrapped the black ribbons from around her palms and wrists, exposing the intricate designs hidden beneath. They looked like scars, faded white marks that swirled and changed as her moods shifted and swayed, they should her for what she was. One from the realm of magic.