Monday, May 9, 2011

A Quick Word...or Two

Wow, so the date for author submissions is coming up so fast! We are shocked how fast it came and that it is in two days! We are working hard on answering everyone's questions and getting fast and timely updates for everyone! So far we have receieved some amazing submissions from great authors! Authors:  Please check your emails regularly as we might have some questions.
If for any reason you are unable to submit your one shot/poem or written work, please shoot us an email or a tweet telling us so. We won't be mad and will understand :)

If you want your teaser or your banner up on our blog (which we would love to do) please make sure to also send that before the 20th (preferrably the 11th) which is when the compilation goes out.

If you have not donated and want to receive the compilation on the 20th, please do so before hand. We will be sending out the compilation out to anyone who donates through July 1st. So if you cannot donate or have forgotten to donate before the 20th, no worries because you have until July 1st to do that and still receieve the compilation :)

We will be having another auction. Probably sometime around June. A friendly reminder: YOU ONLY BID ON THE ITEMS THAT YOU SEE IN THE POST. THE AUCTION IS NOT FOR THE STORIES, OR A CERTAIN STORY THAT IS BEING DONATED. We cannot stress this enough! If you see an autographed item that you want, please post in the comment section the amount you are willing to donate. But we will have all of the rules and such in the auction post soon to come.

A little incentive:  We are almost to $40,000. (Im doing a little happy dance as I say this) Which is phenomenal and so humbling. When we get to that amount, whoever had put us over that amount will get to pick out a autographed item for their liking for free as a thank you. So it is an incentive that benefits everyone! We have been blessed by the people who have donated these items.

So there you go! Also authors, in your email submissions, please put a header. If you have sent in yours and haven't put a header in your email, no worries. It just makes it easier for us and it just at convenience at the reader. Header can include Author name, Rating, Title, Summary...etc...

Thank you all so much for your donations, submissions and your RT's on Twitter spreading the word. We have had some humbling emails thanking us, and really, we should be thank you. So thank you :)

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